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September 24 2012

Problems with Cabin In The Woods Blu-ray release in the UK. Studio admits problem. Replacement program should be available soon. Affected copies to be pulled from shelves. ETA: Details about how to get your disc replaced can be found here. Some online retailers like Amazon UK said they will contacting customers. And if you bought the HMV Steelbook then details about getting it replaced can be found here.

The blu-ray freezes 11 times during playback. Studio has admitted the problem and a replacement program should be available soon. Incredibly this was pointed out in an early review an early review yet these discs have got to the customers.

Before I sign off I have to mention a peculiar issue I experienced while watching the film. At various points throughout, probably around a dozen or so times in total, the film briefly froze before carrying on as normal. This issue was not present when playing the BonusView track, which led me to believe that it was a problem with the disc rather than my players. A quick email to Lionsgate confirmed that I had received a check disc from a bad batch, but that all retail copies would be fully quality assured before they hit stores.

Shame that the UK has to suffer again over a Whedon release.

PS. Sounds like a widespread issue although I'm not sure if all discs and players are affected. Apparently playback on a PC is fine.

Lionsgate have set up an e-mail address for the problem at They're sending new discs out to people with their proof of purchase. Have to say they handled this situation really fast.
I guess, and hope, the dvds are allright. But yeah; i was joking the other day with a friend, after the Avengers fiasco... What would happen with cabin? Not funny though.
What a farce. I hope there's no problems with the DVD. I added some news about how to get a replacement disc.
I noticed a similar problem with the US copy. Did the same freeze & continue about 3 or 4 times, but did not do it in the bonus view. Anyone else?
Hey Hollywood, this is why I torrent.
Yeah... because downloaded things never have quality issues.

Hopefully the dvd is fine. Honestly I'm quite glad though that lack of funds at the moment is keeping me from buying anything until next month...
To be fair they are dealing with the problem very quickly and have already received confirmation of a replacement asap. Just sods law that the first two times I preorder blu-rays there have been issues with both!
I have the blu ray in the US garyyager and have no problems with any freezing. You think I would though with how many times I've played it.
Hey Hollywood, this is why I torrent.

Bunnies | September 24, 14:09 CET

Well, it's okay then. As long as you have a valid reason, stealing is fine.

Does anybody else have issues with DVD quality often? I really never do, and I buy a decent amount of movies and TV shows on DVD/Blu Ray.
I'm glad I saw this, I was about to send my steelbook back to HMV, i'll email this site ASAP, I'll have 2 to return as I bought one for my brother also.
Replacement ordered via the above e-mail address. Fair play to them for being on the ball about this issue. Hopefully the replacement doesn't take too long to arrive.
Emailed my details. More amusing than the Avengers debacle, but at least it's being dealt with efficiently.
Hey Hollywood, this is why I torrent.
Bunnies | September 24, 14:09 CET

It's not like Liongate is saying to hell with fans, they are stuck with the bad disks. Manufacturing problems are known to happen, especially if it is only something dealing with certain players as there are so many blu-ray players out there, it's impossible to test them all. They discovered the problem and are now trying to fix it.

So yeah, not an excuse to torrent at all.
Its not like torrenting needs an excuse.

But thats a dangerous conversation, off topic wise, and this is not the right place for it.
I just got an email from HMV stating they will be replacing my copy. I haven't had time to watch it yet, so haven't noticed anything wrong with it. It has a lovely 3D cover, is what I did notice. :)
Also got the email from HMV, nice that we apparently don't have to return anything or any other messing around... and I have the steelbook but am officially envious of those who got the lenticular cover. I can see myself buying another copy when it reappears just for that.
Awh, and I was gonna check out the Joss 'n' Drew commentary tonight. Ah well, at least HMV are on the ball with it.
I'm glad HMV took notice before sending my copy, so now I will receive the right disc (I pre-ordered the gorgeous steelbook, so I hope I have my copy guaranteed).
Kudos to the studio for trying to correct it so quickly. Still a mess, though.
I'm dreading the release of Much Ado About Nothing here.
Simon: Avengers 2 will be a party...

They´ll manage to sell the dvd and the blu ray without the movie, wich of course you´ll get if you buy the american release. ;)
Listening to the commentary isn't an issue. Playing it right now - highly interesting.
Mucho Ado will probably come in a two disc pack, which we will find in fact only contains the extras and the commentary track in a foreign language. Possibly ancient Sumerian.
Disney could learn a thing or two from Lionsgate regarding how a distributor should respond to customer dissatisfaction resulting from the release of a defective product.
I added some info about the Steelbook to the entry.
Prediction for 2013:

Much Ado About Nothing Blu-Ray arrives, turns out to be in colour.
Well, since Lionsgate bought the distribution rights, I think that even if there were an issue with Much Ado About Nothing, that we'd see a timely and efficient least based on what I'm seeing and hearing about the Cabin playback issue. Makes me glad I'm currently broke and can't afford to buy either difficult disc right now...somewhat ;P
Lionsgate will DEFINITELY learn from this and we will have no problems with... the... Much Ado... no, I can't even pretend to believe that.

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hmm now i duno what to get the hmv steelbook when they have the replacements or just get the dvd version as love the 3d cover that as far as i know is not on the steelbook?? Is the blu-ray worth waiting for 4 the things are not as they seem extra or should i stick to dvd??
Can't say for the extras yet as I haven't seen them, but the steelbook sadly does not have the 3D cover inside.

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