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September 24 2012

Images from "Firefly: A Celebration". This book collects Titan Books' The Illustrated Companion Volume 1 and Volume 2 and Still Flying and also includes a replica banknote and portrait photos of the cast. It's out officially in the States on the 2nd of October and in the UK on the 28th of this month.

It's a worthwhile buy if you're a collector or have never read the Volumes before. The photos are lovely, it must be said.

It's a beautiful edition. Got my copy from amazon last week for 17.50. Very much a bargain as I never got around to purchasing the previous releases.
I really hope we get this as a digital version. Anyone think that's likely?
I think this also includes the contents of the "Serenity" tie-in magazine, which has different content from "Serenity: The Visual Companion."
No. It's the three Firefly volumes.
Cool. I never got round to buying the books previously, but this will look nice in my bookcase :).
This has just been delivered to me at work. It weighs a flippin ton! :)

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