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September 24 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar gives birth to a baby boy! Congratulations!

Congratulations to Sarah, Freddie and little Charlotte!

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That is fantastic. Congratulations. :)
Aww!! Congrats to the beautiful family!
Oh, this is just wonderful! I`m sure SMG has been surrounded by the love of Freddie, Charlotte and her other family and friends during 2012 so far...but I think this is a wonderful counterpoint to Ringer only getting the one seasons.

Wonder what they will call the newest addition?
That is just GREAT! Congratulations!
Congrats to one of my fav actresses!!! :)
That is a very lucky little boy--congratulations!
Congratulations Sarah, Freddie and Charlotte!!! <3
love and best wishes to the family :-)
This is so poignant, for reasons I won't go into because this is about Sarah and Freddie, not her famous character. I flashed on this and even though she's had the baby, this is the sweetness I feel connected to the two of them:

We're having a baby

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Congrats Sarah and Freddie!
Best wishes to the new mom on this day.
Tonya J, I love that scene! Congrats to Sarah and Freddie.

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