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September 24 2012

(SPOILER) EW interview with Nathan Fillion about 'Castle'. Nathan talks about season 5, which starts tonight.

Was at the grocery tonight checking out and the cashier commented on my badge clipped to my Browncoat totebag. It was Mal's St. Lucy's badge from the episode Ariel. I asked him if he had ever seen Firefly and he said he'd seen all the eps, and the movie Serenity and all 4 seasons of Castle. Big Nathan fan. Can't wait for the show to begin. Has it really been 5 years?!
madmolly. Nope! It's only been four and a half, Castle had two seasons in its first year because it was a mid-season replacement starting with just 10 episodes in Season 1 which ended in May, season 2 started September the same year.
I still really love "Castle." But I'm concerned, because I can't think of a single show in TV history where getting the two leads together romantically has not ended up as a shark-jumping moment.

Of course, with this show it's always been less "will they or won't they?" and more "when will they?" So hopefully their future arc has been planned out better than on most shows.
because I can't think of a single show in TV history where getting the two leads together romantically has not ended up as a shark-jumping moment.

Well it's worked for Fringe so far.
It's a trope that's become too predictable, for one thing. It's like there's a rule on TV shows that if a show has a male lead and a female lead, they *must* wind up sleeping together.

(As far as I know, Warehouse 13 is the only significant show since The Avengers that has avoided that cliche. I'm sure there must be others, but none that I'm familiar with.)

I'm also not crazy about this business of "we must go to silly extremes to keep our relationship a secret from family and friends, for some strange reason." It didn't make sense when Lanie and Esposito did it, and it doesn't make sense for Castle and Beckett to do it. They are mature adults surrounded by supportive people. It really does create the impression of being ashamed of their relationship... or of being a rather slipshod reason to give the writers a chance to write some bedroom farce.

On the plus side, I'm glad that they intend to lighten up a bit more this season, and that they've given Beckett some (temporary) closure.

Also, Alexis got drunk! Good girl. Time they started chipping away a little at her too-good-to-be-true characterization and have her act a bit more like a real-world teenager. A tongue piercing is right around the corner...
I have such a crush on Molly Quinn...-sigh-
AndrewCrossett, I don't usually like that trope either, but in the case of Castle, they could have expressed the concern more adequately, that it was about the job. In the real world, it very much would be a problem for their relationship to be public and continue working together. Lanie and Esposito, not so much of a problem, but Castle and Beckett, yes.
Well! I must say that After the Storm was a rather two-toned episode, what with the funny of Castle and Beckett stumbling out of the block re: their new "together" status vs. the continuing issue of The Dragon....and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

However, I can't disagree with the "Moonlighting Curse" falderal and Castkett behaviour lines of thought in this thread. Lots of shows where the leads have excellent chemistry end up generating a lot of sturm und drang about getting together - even when it's not feasible based on things like the leads sharing a gender or parents (I'm looking at you, Supernatural fans who want the Brothers Winchester to be a lot closer than socially acceptible!) - give in to the pressure when it's not necessary all the time.'s just handled in the wrong way IMO, with all the fizz and human character moments taking a powder when the hookup does happen. Joss avoided it with Firefly with having Wash and Zoe already being married but giving them real-feeling love and hate moments, plus topics like if to have children or not to fuss over.

With Castle, I think the writers will follow due diligence and explore realistically what a relationship between Kate Beckett - brilliant, dedicated cop...with long-seated loss and guilt issues who sabotaged previously relationships out of fear of committing - and Richard Castle - wildly successful novelist and playboy...who still bears damage emotionally from multiple women he's cared deeply about using and abusing him (Kyra Blaine, Meredith, Sophia Turner, Gina) and isn't exactly blind to the fact the 3.5 years he's danced with Kate has allowed him to learn Kate's got issues that will affect how they go about their courtship - would look like when NYPD fraternization rules would make Castle persona non grata at the 12th Precinct and Castle is a paparazzi target.

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