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September 25 2012

The Avengers is out on Blu-ray/DVD in the US and Canada today. The extras include a Joss Whedon commentary.

I think this qualifies as the first news item with a bitter tone ;)
Could anyone tell me if the BluRay is definitely region free? After the UK debacle and everything, I don't trust anything that Disney say.
The Disney UK rep said it was, other people have indicated the same. So 95% sure?
Incidentally, Disney actually replied to my email complaint! (received 20th sept)

"Thank you for contacting Walt Disney Studios.

Thank you for letting us know about an issue on the Marvel Avengers Assemble UK Blu-ray and DVD release, which has a less graphic depiction of Agent Coulson's confrontation with Loki. Each country has its own compliance issues relative to depictions of violence. Unfortunately, another regionís elements were inadvertently used to create the UK in home release which minimally altered this scene in the film.

Our home entertainment content and distribution strategy is devised at a local level, taking into consideration the numerous variables that exist in each market based on size, timings, broadband speed and overall consumer demand. This means that some functions and bonus can vary from market to market. In this instance, because a combination of the European release dates being earlier than the US release dates and unforeseen circumstances with production, some linear bonus was not available in time to meet the regional timing including the commentary.

At the moment we have nothing to update in terms of next steps but as soon as we have something, we will let you know. We think it is important to issue a correction to the position that Disney previously had on this issue as soon as possible.


Disney Consumer Relations "

Can i say that it's much higher in Canada 37$ for the 3D + digital copy, at Amazon.CA (& other Canadian retailers).
Can also say its real pissy of Marvel to only have the Digital copy with the most expensive version.
Also DVD version buyers pay attention, you get only a few extras!
Simon, you should make that link the Whedonesque referral link.
I was going to go rent first thing today, but for just commentary and one extra? Not worth the trip. Some other day.
I just picked up my copy.i did hit a minor snag.I usually deal at Best Buy and I'm a silver rewards zone member.But I decided to pick up the The Avengers at Target since their store exclusive is a 90 miniute making of disk.

The snag I hit was that The Target near me and everyone in the area had already sold out every copy of the 3D set.

I don't have a 3D T.V. yet but I do have a 3D blu ray player already so whenever a 3D combo pack is released,I'll get the one with a 3D copy included for when I finally do have a 3D T.V.

So I had a choice.Either forget the Target exclusive bonus disk and pick up a 3D set at Best Buy(and they had plenty of copies) when I went there to pick up The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 Animated movie or get copy of the Avengers at Target without the 3D copy but still with the 90 min. exclusive bonus disk.

In the end I went with the Target one with the bonus disk instead of the combo pack with the 3D disk.
Of course, with a rental you have to be careful that you're getting any extras at all. Anyone know if that's the case here, if there's a separate rental version stripped of special features?

In any case, I bought my copy on my way home from work at about 2 this morning, and listened to the first hour of the commentary before going to bed. This morning, I watched the movie with my daughters. My four-year-old had no problem immediately recognizing Thanos, which was more than I could say when I saw it in the theater. (She's been watching a lot of the "Super Hero Squad Show" lately.) We also watched the hilarious gag reel. I have a feeling this disc is going to be spending a lot of time in the player.

(Long time lurker, first time poster)
The Bluray is definitely region free. I'm in the UK and got my copy over a week ago, so can confirm there are no problems whatsoever with the disc. I do believe the DVD is region locked though.

Edited to clarify: I am actually talking about the US version with the commentary and not the UK version that came out just over a week ago.

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Any Europeans around who have the US Blu-ray editions of the rest of the Phase One Marvel movies? Are they all region free? Still pondering purchasing the box set when it becomes available again.
Does anyone know whether the digital copy is SD or HD?

I have all of the Phase One's from the US - they are all multi-region.

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Thanks! Now just to see what they replace the briefcase with, then. :-)
The digital copy is SD.
How anxious am I about the availability of certain features on some releases over others (also, not being a BluRay owner)?

I'm 4th in the queue to rent the movie from the public library. BOOYEAH.

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Safeway around my neck of the woods is having an Avengers promotion. Buy the movie and get soda, popcorn and candy.
Got my copy! Looks pretty. Can't wait to watch all the extras.
Got the movie. Watching the commentary before I watch the movie on account of the amount of times I have seen the movie and it is still fresh in my mind. Enjoying Joss' thoughts on the film.
Got my copy in the mail today! Good thing I ordered early with my Amazon Prime or I would have to wait a number of days to get it! Oh, my PS3 (Blu-Ray player) is done and Sony won't have it back for three weeks! Cool!
After I finished the commentary I went through all the extras. Even though I liked it...I feel like it wasn't long enough. CITW's has more in depth features than the biggest film of the year. W.T.F. I mean really Disney? Did you not have time to make a in depth making of(like the one on Scott Pilgrim Vs The world, A GIANT FLOP for instance.) feature on account of the fact you were so busy counting your billion dollars? Jeez.

Loved the deleted scenes, surprisingly my favorite is the extended viaduct scene since its the closest we got to a behind-the-scenes feature on the blu ray. It was really cool.

The gag reel is hilarious. My sister's kids and I were cracking up so hard.
It's sold out at Target. I can get it on ebay though. Not sure I will want to pay that much right now, so I guess I might just get the US DVD for now.
I'm just going to wait for the inevitable double dip that actually has the features I want to see. I've seen the movie too recently to want to rewatch it again. I do want to check out the commentary and deleted scenes, but I'll just wait.
For those of us in the United states trying to get the 3d blu-ray at target, it sold out because it's at an unadvertised price for $20 which is the same as the Blu-ray/ DVD combo. Even though I finally found a copy, I was able to get a rain check to get it at the sale price. It took me awhile to find though, the 5th target I went to had a late shipment but only got 20 copies total.
I gave in and bought the Target version through ebay. 31USD for the 5 disc exclusive(I hope I didn't get ripped off) and 22USD for shipping. Apparently, I'm a idiot, since I confused two different e-mail responses from sellers, and I thought I bid on a auction with "only" 12USD shipping. I hope this option mean it arrives a lot faster.

I guess selling the DVD, digital copy and soundtrack(since I doubt I can download outside of the US) will ease the pain some.
I'm just going to wait for the inevitable double dip that actually has the features I want to see.

But is it inevitable? I had got the impression from a number of comments here and elsewhere that loading it all onto the Blu-Ray is what Disney does, and that it is highly likely that there won't be a special edition DVD in future.

Or have I got the wrong end of that stick?

I would also wait for a special edition DVD if I thought there would be one. But I've been considering going Blu-Ray (Region 1, of course) because I got the impression there probably won't be one.
@ Kiddo - Disney isn't known for double dips except for significant anniversary releases. They're known for locking movies in their vault if sales go stagnant for too long and reintroducing them years later on different formats with long lists of extra features. But the time between those releases and the initial release is 5 or more years.
Marvel Blu-Rays/DVD's have been lacking in special features since Iron Man 2. I can't describe my disappointment with Captain America or Thor's special features, compared to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Cabin in the Woods or Game of Thrones First Season (and Scott Pilgrim may have been a commercial flop, but it was adored by critics and fans and is getting a second life on DVD/Blu-Ray as well as increasing interest in a quirky graphic novel).
@spidyredneckjedi - Thanks for that. I think I am persuaded to order the US Blu-Ray (even though I don't actually own a Blu-Ray player yet - I can still have the DVD to play while I make up my mind about what to do about that).
Anyone know yet if the DVD that comes with the Blu-ray is also region-free?
spidyredneckjedi, I LOVE Scott Pilgrim,. I can not emphasize that enough. I have rewatched that movie so many times and have slapped myself for not seeing it in theaters. I of course was referring to its box office when I called it a giant flop. I just find it absurd that the 3rd biggest film of all time has barely passable features. I wasn't expecting a LOTR quality set but Scott Pilgrim..or hell, Let Me In even had a better blu ray release! Thats hilariously insane. They had tons of stuff about the effects in LMI but they didn't even do a doco on how they created the Motherfriggin Hulk.

daylight, as far as I know its region 1 but I don't have the set with me so I could be wrong.

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I guess I believe that as the third biggest film of all time, they will inevitably want to cash in on that with multiple releases. Why else would they withhold so many potential special features? You'd think they would've been planning ahead and filming a lot of behind the scenes stuff as they were making this movie, because they anticipated it'd be huge just as the culmination of Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Of course this is all idle speculation on my part. I think I'll wait for a good sale on the blu-ray and get it then so I don't feel as bad if/when a special edition comes out in the future.
Mine is in the post from Amazon US, so decision well and truly made. Went for the 2 disc (Blu-Ray + DVD), as I'm not fussed about 3D or digital copy.

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