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"Good work zombie arm!"
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September 25 2012

Grover and Cookie Monster sing about The Avengers. has the footage.

My morning has been made. This is wonderful!
Ha, awesome! They covered most of my favourite things right now!
"That me secret. Me always hungry!" Perfect. Grover's a pretty good Eleventh Doctor, too.
That was amazing.
Come with me Pond...
Isn't this a show for kids? And they are rhyming "Dystopia" with "Cornucopia"... Does children really understand those words at all?
@Reutermo - The bit wasn't being done for Sesame Street. The write up says they "stopped by" the EW offices.
@Reutermo - there are always references in Sesame Street that are over the kids heads, besides, how else do you learn new words?

Also - sonic magic markers
Cookie Monster Pond. 30 minutes later...

That was awesome.
I have a new favourite Avenger: The Edible Hulk!
Yes, Sesame Street has always had bits that appeal to the parents, too. I mean, how many five-year-olds would get why Patrick Stewart telling the number one to "Make it so" is hilarious?

Definitely sharing this.
My favorite double meaning bit is "The Letter B" by the Beetles, complete with beetle puppets.

Muppets, I meant Muppets.

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