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September 25 2012

Joss Whedon should be your hero. The stars of The Avengers talk to Hero Complex about what it was like working with Joss.

It might be Downey who summarized the experience best: “The guy’s my hero. He should be yours.”

He's been that for more than half my life :D
Spoken like a true Whedonite, Downey.
Should be? He already is :)
I do love people who are not affraid to state the obvious.

But yes, big damned hero since 1997-ish B-)
RDJ is preaching to the choir here, but even so, that's pretty high praise.
Especially since there was concern that RDJ and Joss would clash over things like ad-libbing or character behaviour. Let's be honest, barring The Avengers, Joss works with people who understand him and his methods and who are crossed fingers close. Barring Chris Hemsworth and Alexis, he was working with professionals who might have not gelled with him.

So yeah...RDJ cheer-leading Joss/ Perfect :D
This just gets me even more excited for Avengers 2!

(And yes, I am convinced Loki will be in it haha).

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