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September 25 2012

Who is your favorite ABC star? Nathan Fillion or Stana Katic?

My favourite is the Canadian star of Castle.
What I find hilarious is how, in Castle, all of Kate's major love interests - Det. Tom Demming, Dr. Josh *mumbles* and Castle - have been played by Canadian actors (respectively, Battlestar Galactica alum Michael Trucco, former Mutant X and current Continuum co-lead Victor Webster and of course, Nathan).

I wonder if Stana Katic has a "no manflesh but Canuck manflesh" clause in her contract re: who gets to romance her on-screen...


But concerning the actual poll? It's tough...I love my Captain but Stana's is from Hamilton, which I only live 90 min from (compared to 2-day drive or longer to get to Edmonton). Plus? Stana was a Bond Girl as well ;P

*Edit: Ok...redeem147 is right, in that Michael Trucco is from San Mateo, CA. Probably why he barely lasted as a love interest...Stana found California surfer dude-ness insufficient. And Cole Maddox was played by fellow Canuck and Joss Gang member Tamoh Pentikett ;P

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Whew, some comments are brutal! LOL. I don't really watch Castle all that often, is there a lot of teenagers in that fandom? I thought it was targeted differently.
Then there was that Canadian hit man...

Michael Trucco's not Canadian.

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I actually vote for Robert Carlyle on "Once Upon a Time." Hey, Jane Espenson is a writer/producer on that show ...
lurkolog, I think a vocal fraction of the fandom may be rather upset that Nathan often appears more in love with his first love than his current love. Which I believe is his perogative and completely understandable, even though I see why it would sting for Castle-freaks (I began watching because of Nathan, but I do think it has developed into a decent show.)

I've been trying to address the "better actor" comments, but there's just no way to do so for me without being uncooth.

Shapenew -- there are Whedonpeople ALL over OUaT, from writers to producers to actors, AND it's awesome, so he'd easily get a vote from me, too!
Aww now that's just my Captain, but I love Stana too! Castle is a great show. Ignore the few petty fans that are now arguing over which one is better. They both make the show what it is. Might just have to vote once for each!

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