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September 25 2012

BAMF Girls Club Kickstarter. Comediva's web series featuring Michonne, Hermione, Katniss, Lisbeth, Buffy and Bella is running a Kickstarter to fund future episodes.

Countdown to C&D letter form at least one of the studios...

10.... 9... 8....
This sounds just so awful. Like, huge levels of awful.
Tumnus, it's actually quite good. I was surprised how good it is. I'm scared that RayHill is right though.
It's my favourite webseries since Dr Horrible. I love it.
It's REALLY good. Although Buffy has not been seen enough yet. My current favorites are Hermione, and Lisbeth Salender.
I'm a HUGE fan of this series... if only I wasn't so damn poor I'd contribute more to them.
Agreeing with Simon completely here. Fantastically funny webseries.
I think there's too much Hermione. There hasn't been an episode where she wasn't the main character. Although I guess she's the one who's easiest to put into conflict with other characters.
The woman who plays Buffy does a great job, but Hermione is my favorite of the series so far. Mostly because of her spot on line delivery, but also because of this gem: "Harry, Ron and I had a democracy, it's called Hermione always saves the day. And she's smart. Vote for me!"
My favorite part is Bella's "You missed me."

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