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February 17 2004

Joss Whedon to ask Sarah about guest role. In the second AP story (the CNN one being the other), Joss says there are more stories to tell about Angel and that he intends to find out if SMG will guest.

How odd that the CNN (owned by Time Warner which owns the WB)focuses on Levin but this very similar article focuses on Whedon. I'm wildly confused - will not really. But still good to see that Joss is bullish.

Well, good luck to Joss. On all counts. From shopping the show around to asking SMG to came back for a little guest shot. Odds aren't good on any of it.

I still think it's a bit sad that that is apparently such an enormous thing to ask of her, but maybe she can find it in her to agree now that it's pretty much certain Angel will end.

(Not trying to be pessimistic, but I just don't think other networks will go for it.)
I'm so happy to see Joss being "bullish" as you say, Simon. I don't want him to give up without a fight if he believes there are more stories to tell with Angel. I agree with his 49-year-old man dying of a heart attack analogy.

I predict SMG will turn Joss down, but I'm glad he's asking her. But what I hope for the very most is that UPN or TNT will pick up a sixth season. Please, please, please (lights candles and chants praises to the PTB).
I wish that SMG would do it. The last time that Buffy was on "Angel", they were fighting and Angel yelled at her to "go home." Even though that was resolved on "Buffy", it would be really nice to have her appear once more on "Angel" to give her character a happy parting on the show.
I hope Sarah agrees to come on. I know there are a lot of people who disagree and say Angel isn't about Buffy now...but for me, it would be wonderful to see her pick up the stake as Buffy again one last time with Angel.
yeah i dont really see how buffy would fit in right now, it just seems so out of place. but maybe it would make sense as a follow up to "Damage"?
Well, I for one hope she doesn't return, and in the finale Spike can gallop off to be with her, while Angel forever mourns his lost Cordelia

but as if that would ever happen :)
Why is it that people seem so hung up on Cordelia's death, her character had become tired and annoying, and the idea of her and Angel being together whilst he is still a vampire is ludicrous, does no one remember when Angel lost his soul after he had the moment of pure happiness with Buffy, surely if Cordelia hadnít of left then that would just happen again! I think Joss should steer clear of Angelís love life and focus on a tasteful ending for the series without SMG.
Not to get on anyone's bad side...but just a question...why is everyone so ANTI-Buffy? She had a job to do like Angel...and couldn't just leave it behind to stand beside him like Cordelia could. Everyone is so upset that Sarah hasn't agreed to make an appearance...but for goodness sake, she is trying to make a name for herself doing other things. I would LOVE to see her on Angel one last time, but I won't hold it against her if she decides against it. I guess I am just tired of all the SMG bashing going on. Sorry for the rant...this isn't meant to be mean or anything.
I think SMG should consider Whedon's offer. Yes, she gave seven years of her life to the show, but IMHO, I think having devoted so much time & energy to a project should instill within her some sense of personal responsibility to the character of Buffy.

I don't know what her personal issues are with Joss, or with any other member of the cast. But if she's truly the professional she prides herself on being, then she should put the interests of the narrative above anything else.

Again, just my 2 cents. I really admire SMG for her charity work & can't wait for 'The Grudge' to come out.
I would LOVE to see her on Angel one last time, but I won't hold it against her if she decides against it.

That's definitely cool, but there are lots of us would prefer to forgo a Buffy appearance in favor of other appearances. Buffy does not really belong in Angel's world.

In contrast, Lilah and Connor both have stories that need to be concluded, and they are both from the ATS world. So bringing them back makes sense.

I am neither a Bangel nor a Spuffy so I don't feel the need to compramise the storyline of the show to get my ship, which many ppl seem to be in favor of. (I was also not in favor of Angel crossing over to Buffy for the finale, but he was dismissed for not belonging which helped.)
I'm all for Buffy if Joss wants it. Whatever Joss wants for Angel's wrap-up, I want him to have.

I can't believe I'm saying this as I've never been a big Connor fan, but I'd like to see Connor come back at some point before the end. Connor is the reason Angel took the W&H gig. Connor's disappearance from the Fang Gang's memories should be rectified as he played such a big role in major character developments over seasons three and four. And even more than Buffy (or Cordelia), Connor may at some level be Angel's greatest love as he is Angel's child. I wouldn't necessarily want a giant Connor arc, but more on him would be good. I think.

And while we're at it, definitely some Lilah and more Lindsey and maybe a brief appearance by Holland Manners. And Dru. And Faith.

And damnit, the Shanshu thing has got to be addressed in some way.

Okay, I'll stop now.
I think hoping Cordy will come back makes no sense since they just wrapped up her story. Now, if the show was coming back another season, it would be nice for ghostly Cordelia to come back for a visit but to just have her come so soon after such a touching send off seems to waste the great episode she just did.

As for Buffy, I'd love it if she can, SMG, come back but if she doesn't want to or can't so be it. I don't think people should judge her or condemn her because of her choice. As for storyline, if Joss has something good to tell with her character it would be great, but just a token scene to have her show up would cheapen it for me. I'd much rather see more of a development between Angel and Spike and the more of the cast of Angel. The show is about Angel, and yes, it was important for Angel to be there for the end of Buffy because he started out on Buffy and was a main character for the first three seasons and was the most important person to Buffy. Buffy's importance to AtS was always as a guest and she was never a regular.

So if they can get her, great, and I hope it's a good storyline or why bother and if they can't, just give us a great ending involving all the characters from Angel.

I always loved the ending of ER with Carol and Dr. Ross. It was just a brief scene with her going to be with him, no real dialogue just the idea that they'd now be together. Something like that would be great too with Buffy and Angel (or who knows, Spike) but something little could say a lot.

But I have to also agree with Mephistopholes that it would be great having Connor and Lilah be there. That's my one complaint of this season is that they got rid of both Lilah and Cordy. I didn't like what they did with Cordy's character the last couple of years so I wasn't too disappointed to see her go but if they had kept her and made her like her old self I would've been thrilled with that. And to get rid of both women who totally added sizzle to the show, in my opinion, was a mistake. They should've at least kept Lilah around. And Connor's storyline needs to be brought in again. There needs to be some closure for Angel with that.
i'd be amazed if sarah agreed to guest on angel, but i doubt it would happen unless it were to resolve the romantic tie up between buffy and angel. sarah has expressed on many accounts her disgust with the buffy and spike relationship and her sense that angel and buffy were always destined to be together. i think she owes it to david after he went out of his way (for the fans) to do one last spot on buffy. But saying that i think angel is strong enough and idependent enough to conjoure up an amazing series end all on its own, with an amazing cast like this one we should savour every final moment.
Yeah, Angel doesn't need Buffy for the ending but the shows have been intwined for a long time. I would like to have some closure for both Spike and Angel as characters but not necessarily want to see either of them winding up with her.

As for why, she gave them both the runaround and that cookie dough analogy basically meant 'I can kiss you and cuddle Spike and get what I want from either of you whenever I want it and you're both gonna give it.' Which is pretty much what happened. Hey I don't hate the character. Some unpleasant sides to people in the buffyverse have always added depth to both shows.

And I've been deep into the B/A thing and then deep into the S/A thing but by now I hope everyone was able to move on, because that 'Oh, so-and-so are each other's DESTINY' is for the birds and cheesy romance novels as far as I'm concerned.

As for Sarah, what's this 'she's given 7 years of her life' nonsense? Like she sacrificed her precious time to that lowly show? Everyone worked their ass of and that show made her rich and famous. And she was great, but could we stop pretending it was her great sacrifice? It made her a household name. Nobody got more famous off it than her.

And yes she can move on as an actress as much as she wants. But the notion that returning for one measily guest shot after all this time and all those years on the show would suddenly do irrepairable damage to her Scooby Doo career is laughable.

And I am neither 'bashing' her nor 'judging' her. She doesn't have to do it. But yes, David did it for her show. And she KNOWS there's a lot of fans out there that would really like some closure on things with her character. So it would be nice. But as most of her coworkers have pointed out, it was clear that even near the end of Buffy she had no intention of ever returning. But now that she knows it will end maybe she'll come around.

And if not, that's fine too. Let's get an actress that can mimic her voice and have Angel and/or Spike have closure-by-phonecall or something.
she said she would return, just not this season. (which i cant blaim her) but now that she knows it is the end and will probably never have to go back to it, i think there still is a slight chance. i know i definately need closure on the whole issue.
I think there is room for closure on many fronts. Conner and Buffy. I understand that AtS is it's own entity...but they are both cut from the same cloth, entwined together. The only reason that Angel and Buffy were apart...and not brought together is because Buffy was ending and Angel was still on the air. I still believe that closure of Angel has everything to do with the Buffy character. I know I will get pummeled for that but that's my opinion. I guess I am surprised by how many people claim to LOVE these series and then bash, bash, bash. I am so grateful that I was able to go along for the ride. I have loved every single character and that includes Buffy and the actress who plays her. I would love for Angel and Buffy to end up together...I have posted that before and that is not a secret. BUT I understand that this is Joss's baby and he is the master of the tale. I know that whatever he puts out, I am going to love. I just feel that Buffy should be there. Not to "steal" the show...but to add to it. I'm not saying to hold her out there like a if the end will only be about her if she was to appear. I don't think Joss would work it like that anyway. We know he is a master storyteller...and we also know that he indeed knows there are many storylines that need closure. I guess I just can't imagine the closure of Angel without Buffy (whatever that appearance would mean). I also feel that way about Conner's character. I know I'm rambling here...but I guess reading some posts regarding SMG have me a little upset, even hurt for her. Okay...let the pummeling begin. :(
Thank-you Coll. I feel the same way.
EdDantes- my hands are literally sore from the rousing applause we gave you. Excellent!
As for me, the only truly unresolved issue is who's going to "Shanshu". Cordy - gone, God rest her. Connor - has a life and a family and all of those things Angel couldn't give him. Buffy - obviously moved on and is loving life in Europe.

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No idea whether SMG will make a return for the finale but it is a bit of emotionial blackmail for JW to announce he is going to ask her. Now everyone is looking to her for an answer. He should have asked her privatly (would have taken ten minutes, I assume he has her phone number) and then announced it. He knew the show was ending on Friday, it's now Wendesday and he hasn't asked her, even 'in principal', yet?
it makes it better that she will look to the fans hopefully and give in
SMG's a big girl and is playing in the big leagues. She's already been through a hell of a lot of "emotional blackmail" in terms of a Buffy eighth season. I think she can handle it. Besides, emotional blackmail only works if the intended victim cares. We don't know if SMG really does at this point. Also, I suspect that Joss's statement was in response to a reporter's question at the press conference. I don't have a problem with his putting it out there. If Joss wants SMG back to wrap up Angel and SMG says no, at least fans know that an SMG role in the Angel wrap-up was a direction Joss wanted to take. These shows are all about the narrative and I for one would like to know what the master of the narrative wants to do with it.
Short time lurker,first time poster. I would like to see Buffy return to the show with a happy and healthy new love life,it would be great to have her real husband Freddy Prinze Jr. play this roll. Now that she's not the only slayer,she should be able to live a more normal life.

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