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September 25 2012

Epic heroes who committed mass murder? Guess which Whedonverse character comes in at #7 on io9's list of oft-beloved characters who committ mass murder over the course of their shows? Contains big spoilers for the Buffy Season 8 comics.

Seeing as we're now half through Season 9, I don't think we need spoiler tags for Season 8 anymore.
Ah, thanks, Simon. I have a hard time telling when a show's out of spoiler range, and people never seem to agree.... I still sometimes get yelled at for talking about the end of Season Two!
The Doctor is my favorite hypocrite. I love him when he is being all judgmental and holier-than-thou. And I love him when he is committing genocide. And all the times in between.
Even when they explain Angel here it makes no sense to me...
I agree, LadyJay...The Doctor is the best kind of hypocrite: the self-aware type. He knows he will preach on about saving lives and finding peaceful solutions...because he's afraid of having to once again having to commit horrible acts to save others. A Town Called Mercy showed off this exact issue when The Doctor was ranting on about how he's sick and tired of being merciful, of not just going on a rampage to wipe out every Dalek, Cyberman, Weeping Angel or other baddie to keep others let him be the only monster people fear. The Doctor has decalitres of blood (or similar life-fluids) on his hands from having to interfere with warlords, alien intelligences and space-beasts alike to keep the universe spinning while it undergoes the growth and creation he was talking about at the end of The Power of Three.
Wait..that's what happened after the sex issue? I'm glad I've been ignorant to what has progressed with these characters.
Yeah, I love BTVS and ATS Angel. And I love mass-murdering Angelus. (Well, sort of. I also hate Angelus for some of the stuff he has done. And I fear him. Our relationship is complicated.) But I just do not get the Angel in the Buffy season 8 comics. I don't really think of that as really Angel in my head-canon, even though I do like most of the season 8 (and 9) comics and know that they are technically canon.
The article called it right with naming The Doctor #1. He's making all kinds of life ending, anti prime directive decisions all the time.

The comments have quite an interesting debate going regarding Luke's role as mass murderer.
Really can't argue with the Doctor.
Lady Jay: Yeah, kinda like me. In my headcanon I disregard everything in the comics that came after Satsu and Kennedy had their meeting of minds, and I regard Twilight as a simulacrum of Angel who was defeated in a traditional but unspecified manner. Albeit Angel admits that his real self could have developed the Twilight personality as the 5th alter in his DID.

Dana5140; Yeah, I couldn't understand it when I was reading it and this sounds different again.
This list loses all credibility for omitting Ozymandias, from the Watchmen.

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