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"On the hood of a police-car?"
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September 25 2012

The "Honest Trailer" for The Avengers. In their words: "We loved 'The Avengers'... but you guys demanded this one! From God of the Nerds Joss Whedon, comes our honest commentary on Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk and the rest of that bluetooth obsessed government agency."

For your amusement.

Wow. This is brilliant. The "bromance" part killed me.
I was wondering if this would show up here. Despite being so honestly true, but also with statements I disagree with, it's all okay because you can tell they still love the movie. For the record, I think Loki's plan, Hulk's control, and Thor's presence make a lot of sense, and Captain America is cooler than given credit for.
Oh, and why would the Fantastic Four, Spider-man, and X-Men be in an Avengers movie? Please don't point out the comic team roster of the past few years, because I don't agree with that either.

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That is hilarious, and about as complimentary as a satire can possibly be to the thing it mocks.
Ooooh, now I have more things to look for when I watch my brand spanking new bluray.

That's pretty darn funny.
Love these two back-to-back zingers.

Captain America! No one's favorite character, but kinda just has to be there!

And the Incredible Hulk, who for the sake of the plot, can somehow now control his anger . . . without any explanation. Which doesn't matter cuz that shot was AWESOME!
CaptainB, it has nothing to do with the comic books and everything to do with what movie studios Marvel licensed the movie rights to way before they were flush and bought by Disney. They legally can't include Spiderman (Sony), X-Men and the Fantastic Four (20th Century Fox Film) in the Avengers movie franchise.
Eh, what's so funny? This was the best review for teh Avangers evar.
That's a good question. How are they talking to each other?
Yeah, I remember noticing that in the film, but had blanked it from my mind again since...

Fun, but I'm not sure I appreciate the cutesy 'if you didn't like this you must be a girl (but not you geeky girls, we love you!)'

I really wish they had touched their ears or something before talking. Do their brainwaves turn it on or something? It couldn't possibly be on all the time.

Oh, love these trailers, thanks for linking


I just found this 'Avengers Haters Assemble' video they did. Amazing.

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"I really wish they had touched their ears or something before talking."
That would be awkward during combat, especially if both hands are busy punching/shooting. The switches could easily be mounted on the glove somewhere (like Spider-man's web shooters, or Cyclop's visor controls).
Eh, they probably had speaking devices sewn into their shirts. Done!
That WAS funny.
I like Captain America. I happened to watch the movie just before the Avengers came out and I'm so glad I did. He's now one of my favorites, though I didn't read him growing up.

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I remember watching the battle sequence and being impressed that the only Avengers who could communicate to each other were the ones who had come directly from the Helicarrier. (I assumed it was some sort of micro-earpiece.) Thor and Hulk never talk to the others except face-to-face.

Okay, now I desperately want to see Hulk trying to use an earbud.

skittledog, when I saw this on io9 yesterday they didn't have the little caption at the bottom saying, "We know nerd girls exist!" Clearly they wrote a bad joke, are rightly getting flack for it, and are trying to cover for it without having to re-record their audio track.

I still love the rest of it. "But it doesn't matter, since that shot was awesome!"
Hah. Well, at least that serves them right for the silly line - and in a way I'm happier if they simply weren't thinking when they originally put the joke in. I don't like when people know something's problematic but do it anyway because they think the rest of the world is just making a fuss about nothing...

But yeah, the rest of it was great. I'm intrigued by the idea that there actually is logic behind who can speak to each other and how - I'll have to watch that with closer attention when I eventually get the dvd.
"If this doesn't make your inner 8 year old self squeal in delight you're likely dead inside or a girl."

As someone who is dead inside I enjoyed the movie and this parody.

Also, my wife enjoyed this movie and this parody. Even after I pointed out the fact that I'm dead inside and that she's a woman she just shrugged and said, "It's a joke. A kind of old joke. But it's a joke nonetheless."

I digress.

I actually thought this was good in the way of making fun of something you love. I greatly enjoyed The Avengers but was not blinded by it's faults, and I did know who Thanos was.

A friend and I pretty much guessed that the first 25 minutes of the movie was probably the Zak Penn contribution to the film because after that things got very Whedon-y.

I did feel a bit cheated with the Iron man fixing a spaceship (it's not a spaceship) for 20 minutes though. And I'm hoping there is a deleted scene that mentions the Nano-tech comms system the Avengers seem to be using.

All in all, it's a good joke. I only love the Avengers more now because of it. Even though I'm still dead inside.

Nice catch. I didn't think about who could talk to who. But then, when did they put them in? Cap, Stark, Widow and Fury had used them before Maybe Thor refused, and Banner's fell out when he Hulked out.
IrrationaliTV, I've been fully aware of that situation. I was just pointing out that, rights aside, those characters don't belong in the Avengers anyway.
I seem to recall the 3rd time I saw the movie noticing Captain America touching his ear to communicate with Iron Man, then a few shots later touching the other ear instead. Oops!
I misunderstood, CaptainB. Sorry about that. You were talking about the original team only. Got it.
CaptainB, IrrationaliTV, The "Honest Trailer" folks agree with you that those characters do not belong in an Avengers movie. The joke is that those characters are more popular than the Avengers, so in an "honest" trailer, "Come see Marvel's b-list heroes" would be fair.

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The Goose, I believe that the script was 100% Joss--at least, as far as he and Zack Penn have ever said, not a single word of Penn's was used. Everything in the film is Joss (or Marvel), the good and the bad.

That said, I love the opening of the film, so I take it as the good, but I can accept alternate feelings about it :)
Gah! Forget I said anything.
Spider-Man has worked on occasion with The Avangers, they've fought beside The Fantastic Four, The Scarlet Witch is a mutant (X-Men) who has been an Avenger - I wouldn't say they don't belong. Heck, Captain America wasn't one of the founding members - The Wasp was (and gave them the name).
I've been obsessed with Marvel Comics for 20 years and know the connections. I've been a Marvel cinema fan and know the background to the rights issues. That's not anything I need cleared up.
All I'm saying is, would anyone expect characters not normally associated with Avengers in the first Avengers movie? The Wasp is another story. FF is in the midst of a reboot, Spider-man rebooted after Avengers, and the X-Men are sort of in the middle of a sort of reboot. I just think NOT cramming cashcows into a crowded cast should be considered a compliment, not criticism.
Now, before this turns into beating the dead horse with alliteration even more, I'll go.
CaptainB you obviously know 10 times more about the franchise than 95% of Joss Whedon fans. Most of us aren't going to follow the shorthand version and need things spelled out like captain dummy talk. Maybe a little more explanation and a tad bit more patience with the noob Marvel fan would be helpful. :) I like learning more about this stuff but I don't want to be made to feel stupid about it while learning. You know?
But the REAL question is, what new Avengers will be in the next movie?? Wasp?? I would love that. She is a ditzy, co-dependent man-crazy genius, and Joss would have a field day with her and her flaws.

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