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September 26 2012

The first promo for Dr. Horrible on the CW Network. Courtesy of

Not too shabby on the marketing side of things. Thought they'd ruined it with what seemed to be a reveal of the "hammer is my..." line, but played it cool for that (and that cut is likely funnier for people in the know). Hopefully should bring about a new surge of interest :)
That is a great promo! Nice job, CW.
AMAZING promo. I got chills just watching it.
"From the director of The Avengers"


Also makes me more than a little happy that this is making its US premiere on the spiritual-and-actual successor to Buffy's (and Joss's by extension) first home.
Even though I watched it with a bunch of people for charity on Saturday - I'm watching it on my TV (and not with my DVD)
Recently got my youngest niece hooked on Dr.Horrible(she still won't watch Buffy except for the musical) so we'll probably be rewatching this together singing along! We never get tired of DHSAB.
Nicely done...I laughed at the way they edited the hammer line! But weirdly, the video wouldn't play in Safari...I had to use Firefox to see it :(
This gives me an evil grin.
I'm so glad they're actually putting this on tv.
That's a well-done promo. I hope they get a new wave of people obsessed with it. :)
Thanks again for reminding me again how awesomely cute Felicia Day is.
It makes me miss the days when we broke the internet.

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