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September 26 2012

Alan Tudyk voices steampunk captain in Airship Dracula. An interesting multimedia web series has kicked off with its first episode, including extra media items to explore along the way. Tudyk voices Captain Dziga of the airship Demeter.

If you register on the site, the extra elements are delivered to you not by clicking in the browser, but by, for example, text message or telephone call.
I love the idea, and the art is beautiful. But the animation style... seems to distract form the story rather than add to it. Reminds me of those horrible action comics.

Still, Alan Tudyk, steampunk pirates, and anything to do with Dracula... kind right up my alley.
I love the worldbuilding, right down to the Victorian steam-powered Twitter for women only where the protagonist is chided that her lifestyle will never get her a man.
Does he get little animated dinosaurs on his dashboard? :)

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