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September 27 2012

Avengers opening credits, Buffy style. "And Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury".


I LOVE THIS, a little TOO much!!!
I had thought this was posted before, but actually it's a different video.
This might be my new favorite thing.
I think I actually just broke my squee.
That was indeed very bad ass.
Perfect recut is perfect.
Awesome - and the other vids by 30secondstotsuki are pretty cool too.

Also looks like an Angel one is up next.

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This reeks of Awesome.
Very well done, great fun. Almost as good as the incredible Firefly style Avengers intro that was posted here a while back (and that one came damn near perfection).

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Fun vid. Looking forward to the Angel one.
Nice work. They did the last two shots out of order though.
I never get tired of these.
Oh, this is utterly superb!
I think I prefer the one that ceo linked to...

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