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September 28 2012

A Dr. Horrible reunion at Haunted Play. A fab pic provided by Felicia Day.

Neil Patrick Harris is a producer on Haunted Play.

See, they can all find time to get when do we get #2?? LOL :D
Oh, I hope that little get together wasn't just social.
Seriously, they need to get back to work so they can entertain me.

Are they working on things? :D
It says right there, it's at "Haunted Play". Look it up.
It looks like they had an awesome time (even though Felicia, evidently, almost threw up). Nathan just posted this photo a bit ago, and I wish I had been there!
In the second photo, who're the folks next to Nathan and Neil? They look familiar.
Not sure about the one with Neil, but the one with Nathan looks like Jodi Lyn O'Keefe to me.
I believe that in that photo on the right (Neil's left) is NPH's significant other: David Burtka.

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