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"We're not yelling at you, Molly."
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September 28 2012

Filmmaking tips from Joss. Six tips on filmmaking taken from various interviews. Mentions Buffy, The Avengers and several projects in between.

Joss is such an inspiration <3
Great link -- with Joss's brilliance and influence, the next few generations of writers/directors have a lot of potential; I just hope I'm among them!
I love his writing/film-making tips. I was reading Francois Truffaut's book of interviews with Alfred Hitchcock this week and thinking that future filmmakers will be reading interviews with Joss. And then I smiled. And then I fell asleep. It was quite late.
I'm still completely, utterly, platonically in love with Joss. The man is the opposite of a serial killer.
Although we've probably seen most of those quotes before, it was fun to have them delivered in one bundle. I loved the interview with Joss, Sarah and David from S3. I'd never seen that before.

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