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September 29 2012

Interview with Fran Kranz about Cabin in the Woods climax. Previously unpublished quotes due to their spoilery nature. Fran talks end of movie spoilers and how he feels about what his character does.

How I LOVE that cast/crew/movie. :D
Hey, do you think they might've edited that shooting scene?? :-P

I watched the movie twice this week. It was a decent movie, but not one I need to own. I think if you're a horror fan it might have a different appeal. There were definitely some laugh-out-loud moments, though.
As a horror fan, I can definitely say that it is my favourite film of the year. I love every moment, including the divisive closing shot.

Having said that, I can understand why people would not like it so much. There are a lot of in-jokes going on, that would likely go over the heads of those that are not interested in horror. Reading some of 'Men, Women and Chainsaws' probably helps you get more out of too. For those that are into horror, it really isn't scary, so it might disappoint some who are expecting a more traditional horror film.
As a not-really-fan-of-horror-movies-who-occasionally-appreciates-a-few-of-them, I thought this is the best comedy movie I've seen in a long time :)

Now if only amazon or the post service or customs would get off their butt so that damned Blu Ray finally lands in my mailbox ... I'm dying to hear the commentary track just as much as I was dying to see the film in the first place!
I'm with D-e-f-, not a horror fan at all, but I loved this one to bits and really looking forward to seeing it again and listening to the commentary.
I'm a big Whedon fan. But I just did not love this movie. I laughed at all the right moments. But I wanted to be scared and this movie just wasn't scary enough for me. And it needed, for me at least, to be darker. There are episodes of Buffy that have scared and haunted me to this day. I'm going to watch it again, this time with commentary. So maybe it'll grow on me.
I think the movie is great but I didn't find it scary either. Gory, yes. Funny, yes. Suspenseful, yes. Scary, no. The ending is incredibly bleak though.
While the ending's rather a bummer, I am among those who saw it relatively pleasant in terms of humanity. Like I know some people view it more as the selfishness of this current generation of youth for only thinking about themselves.

Given how much they mentioned the idea of burning everything up and starting anew though-- I thought that was a fairly sweet personal story that these two didn't want to abide by a world that would force them to turn on each other.
Except for the sizeable chunk wherein I thought my favorite character was dead, I loved it. It made all the things I loathe about the genre hilarious.

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