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September 29 2012

(SPOILER) More preview pages for Buffy # 14. Three more preview pages for the start of the next arc.

Two preview pages were released a few weeks ago.

Looks like the Zompires are going to become a major problem. Bringing magic back may be the only way to stop an outbreak.
Mmm, actually, this looks like a preview of new Strain arc. Surely it will feel like Buffy-verse again at some point.
I thought zompires were stupid and animal-like. So how are they smart enough to create more of them? Just something I thought about. It seems like it'll be an interesting arc, but this is just something on my mind.
Primal breeding instinct perhaps? Not in the traditional breeding sense, but creating more of them may be a primal urge that the Zompires have.
Yeah, I think that it's either primal instinct or much like the cylons, they evolved.

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