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February 18 2004

Adam Busch on FOX's new series, THE JURY Adam (Warren on Buffy) will be "the loquacious court bailiff".

lo·qua·cious ( P ) Pronunciation Key (l-kwshs)
Very talkative; garrulous.

This is definitely in his range.

Adam Busch did such a great job playing the loathsome, woman-hating Warren that I can barely stomach the idea of seeing him or listening to him -- even as another character! For the actor's sake, I hope I'm in the minority.
I'm right there with ya, phlebotinin. Somehow, I just can't shake off that Warren-ness. Maybe it takes time though, hmm? At least, I hope it does. :/
Me too! I feel bad about this, but I will never see him as anything else and I know that's unreasonable and unfair but I just hated Warren so much that I was happy to see Willow skin him and I know we were supposed to be all shocked and dismayed but I was just glad he got what he deserved.
I know! I exulted when Willow flayed Warren. I was cheering on her black-eyed evil self. I was annoyed with the Scoobies for trying to stop her.

Isn't it bizarre that Amber Benson and Adam Busch are apparently dating now? I know that the actors are not the same as the characters -- I ain't crazy -- but, you know, yucky. Icky. Freaky. And perhaps a little bit chuckleworthy, in a dark way. Because, you know, the irony.
They're dating?! ...Weird.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure they are. It's all over the internet, for what that's worth.
Listening to a bit of Common Rotation helped me get Adam Busch = Warren out of my head.
You should see him at a con or on stage performing with Common Ro. Adam Busch is most definitely not Warren, LOL. He's very funny, very energetic, and quite charming. Common Ro puts on a good show, as does Adam in his Q&A's. Amber is one lucky girl.
I can't help but think that this show sounds extremely dull, but hopefully it'll be more interesting in execution than description. Do we really need another show that takes place in a courtroom sucking up the airwaves? I guess it's better than reality programming at least.

[ edited by MindPieces on 2004-02-18 19:19 ]
I agree with MindPieces. The story by flashback gimmick won't be too much of a detriment to the show, but the lack of central characters (in the jury cast) is going to be a HUGE hurdle for the writers to jump. Each episode they'll have to establish (# of ppl in a jury [12?]) characters in 44 minutes, minus however long the flashbacks take.
Its going to be like those L&O scenes where they interview someone on the street times twelve.
Busch rules. Co Ro rules

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