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September 30 2012

Tim Minear and Jane Espenson reminisce about Firefly. A bittersweet article that came out on the 10th anniversary of our Big Damn Show.

"The last day of shooting, I was directing pick-up shots for unfinished episodes... So this little tiny set became sort of an abattoir. Like they'd send in an actor and they wouldn't come out alive, because they'd be done with the show."

"So itís like, oh thatís great. Perfect timing, guys.Ē Uh huh.
Still to this day: sob!
Tim's definitely the Prince of Understatement(since Joss is the King), but yeah, to echo faith in angel, it's a tear-jerking comment :S
Tim's comments gave me a real sense of how painful the cancellation was to everyone involved. My/our pain magnified exponentially.
Heard the story many times before but it's still incredibly sad.

Goddamnit, Fox.
Pain in my heart, always.
Nawh, I love Tim "I don't drink" Minear -- this article just reminds us more and more of the loss. Damn I wish Tim had his own show and/or was working with Joss again.
@Dude Meister well American Horror Story season 2 is starting soon. He didn't create it but it's still his genius at work :)
This story has damaged my calm..... Damn you Fux!

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