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October 01 2012

Danny Strong to pen final Hunger Game films. Variety just announced that Danny Strong (Buffy's Jonathan) has been chosen to write the final two Hunger Games films, both based on the novel MockingJay.

He's a "Superstar", indeed.

Wow! Congratulations :)
OMG, that's fantastic. Congrats to Danny.
Holy crap! Way to go Danny!!
Awesome! Congratulations to Danny Strong!
Good. Now maybe they'll suck less.
Super duper awesomeness! He could be on his way to being one of the most successful Whedon alums ever.
Wow. That's amazing news.
I totally thoughth this was a joke in the vein of his recent Superstar-dom, but wow. Congrats, Danny!
That't totally fantastic!
That's a HUGE career step for him. Congrats, Danny!!
Congrats Danny. Well earned, too.
YES!!! Wow. He really is going places. "Game Change" was written beautifully.
Wow! Congratulations Danny!
Woah - awesome news for Danny!
Way to go Danny! (But ugh, they are splitting Mockingjay into two movies? :( )
I hate that the franchise is going on the two part finale money-milking train, but I'm still really excited about this news. Congratulations Danny Strong!
Pretty big news.
That is fantastic, now I'm imagining the possibilities of who they can hire to direct them.
Wow. So proud! And I'm a big Hunger Games fan, so this is a real treat to have him on board.
Wow! Danny's on fire!
Fabulous news. Congrats, Danny!
Great to hear! Congrats again!
Hope he can break that 3rd book into 2 good movies.
I hope he can clean up some of the issues and gaping holes in the third book. Not my favorite. But with it being two screenplays, I'm hoping they can.
Very excited and happy for him. Hope this means the films will have smart writing!
Way to go Danny!!
Wow, unexpected but great news. He must've campaigned hard for that gig, but that's great either way.
Oh! Wow! This is so cool!
There's no reason to break this book up into two movies except for money, but glad to see Danny Strong on board!
Not a big fan of the first movie, and I think this whole business of splitting books into multiple movies is ridiculous (HP7, the Hobbit)--but this is still awesome news for Danny Strong, and he totally deserves it. Hope this puts him in a place where he has the opportunity to write some original stuff and get it made.
What a superstar!!! :D Now I can't watch that episode the same way lmao!
Does Variety say the deal is final? Other trades are saying they are in talks still... If the studio has not comment and hasn't announced it then the contracts usually aren't finalized and signed.

Seems like a good choice but I'm wondering if chickens are being counted a little prematurely.

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So when does his swimsuit calendar come out?
Wow, if the first (part one) movie of the final book is supposed to be released in Nov 2014 then Danny is going to really have to hit the ground running! I'm sure he is up for the challenge though.
Great news for Danny, and hopefully for the film too; the pacing of the first one was awful.
According to the Hollywood Reporter, Drew Goddard was on the shortlist too. Maybe Drew can direct?
Wow, if the first (part one) movie of the final book is supposed to be released in Nov 2014 then Danny is going to really have to hit the ground running!

embers, Lionsgate announced the release dates for "Mockingjay" a few months back, way before Strong came on. Plus, in Hollywood, screenwriters assigned to big franchise movies (like this one) usually produce a first draft in a couple of months. I remember "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg submitting her draft for "New Moon" the week that "Twilight" opened, and that wrapped only a few months prior.

I wouldn't be surprised if Strong submits his drafts for "Mockingjay" by the time "Catching Fire" wraps in December. It's not a terribly long book anyway.
Loved Recount, especially the way it didn't dumb down the story but assumed the viewer had a brain and knew a bit about politics.
Go Danny!
That's just plain awesome :).
This moves Danny into a whole 'nother world of prestige. PS. I believe I read somewhere that they are splitting the final book into two parts.
Wow. First Joss and the Avengers. Now Danny and the Hunger Games. Our little Whedonverse is taking over the big tine,
Someone better check he's not using some kind of spell...
But awesome news for him and likely everyone when they see it!
Great news for Danny, better news for Hunger Games fans. Now I actually get to look forward to the last 2 movies.
I this this is just spectacular news! Though I wonder if Danny may ask Joss about how to properly structure a story about a strong female character. Get sage wisdom from the Guru himself, ya know?


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