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October 01 2012

First peek at the core S.H.I.E.L.D. characters. TVLine lists five characters that are being cast for the pilot. E! Online has a link about this, as well.

This sounds so exciting! And while I do think that most of the Firefly cast might be a little old for these rolls... I do think that Summer Glau, and some of our Dollhouse cast (like Tahmoh, Enver, Dichen, and/or Fran Kranz) would be ideal! I would for Joss to cast actors I already love.
This is like Dollhouse all over again. And I mean that in the great way. It was so fun watching info trickle out for that show. Maybe I'll try to obsess a little less this time... but I suspect I'll fail.
Hopefully Dichen won't be cast, as I am hoping that Last Resort stays on air. the pilot was great.
I'd love to have Fran Kranz on this, but it would seem wastefull if he would be the teck guy again just like on Dollhouse.
Mostly I want Amy Acker (maybe as an old demon god that came back to the world just to find it changed, but make her green so it would be totaly different).

Does anyone know why the Eonline article didn't mention the character of Skye that was mentioned in the TVLine article. maybe it has something to do with her not mentioned as an agent.

I really hope we don't have to wait until next fall to see this. We could be getting tidbits like this for monthes before they even begin shooting .
I agree it's sort of been there, done that, but on the other hand having the tech duo as Summer Glau and Fran Kranz would allow us to see their incredible timing/ great chemistry together.
The bickering tech duo sounds like a thing after my own heart.
This looks great.

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Urkonn, I agree that it would be great if Dichen is happy on 'Last Resort' but I have to admit that I was imagining Dichen & Fran together as the tech duo (like on Topher's birthday...), and I was picturing Summer Glau as the gun totting bad ass girl.

Of course I'll be happy with whomever Joss casts. And I'm thinking that there must be a role for Adam Baldwin as a shadowy bureaucrat trying to manipulate our heroes.
I literally JUST named a fictional character of mine Skye. With that exact same spelling and everything. It took me 2 hours to think of a name.

Anyway, I really can't wait for this. Please cast Fran, Enver, Summer and Sarah please.
Talking of soldiers and pilots gives me a Firefly vibe, which leads to a happy.
I think Joss is going to find new people for us to fall in love with.
Yay, news! Yay, casting speculation! My wish list: Baldwin as Ward, Acker as Rice, Franz-Glau as Fitz-Simmons, and a newcomer as Skye.

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I think it'd be amusing if they could get Jason Ritter and Kristen Schaal to play the two bickering sibling-like agents. They have great brother and sister chemistry as children in Gravity Falls, a cartoon that occasionally evokes Buffy to me, but there's like an outside Whedonesque connection!

Ritter's dad played Buffy's robot potential-step-father and Schaal... is a stretch. She was in a Toy Story sequel? Turns up in Sleepwalk With Me and is thus an arch-enemy of Whedon? Is a (bad) horse?
I think Joss is going to find new people for us to fall in love with.

My thought exactly.
I would think one alumnus would be cast, my personal preference being Lachman as Skye. I doubt it would be more than one, though.
I'd like to see Natalie Morales (Wendy Watson from "The Middleman") and Ellen Wong (Knives Chau from "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World") in the cast.

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I'd prefer all fresh faces.
Me too. Given the new talent I fell in love with in Cabin and Dollhouse, I'd like to have the same experience for SHIELD.
I can't decide: on one hand, I'd love to have some of my favorites back (Summer! especially), on the other finding new favorites, like it happened with Dollhouse, would be very exciting. I guess this means whatever happens, I won't be disappointed, ah!

Still can't wrap my head around the awesome fact we're getting a new Joss show, though.
I'd love some fresh faces and some old ones to warm our hearts. And at some point Alexis Denisof. In a leather jacket. With a shotgun. In slow motion. Because that was awesome.
Agent Althea Rice = post-Serenity Zoe Washburne in my fondest fluffy dreams.
I would love to see Enver in this. Perhaps as Leo Fitz? Any of the other old faces would be nice too (but pleeease not Eliza in the leading role..), but I don't mind a completely fresh set of faces either. I wasn't here during the buzz of any of the other shows, I was just stuck in my own little Buffy and Angel bubble here in Germany. It is so nice to be a part of this community now.
Anybody else still hoping Skye is a cover-up for Jessica Drew?
I know it's been a long while, but does anyone else remember how misleading/intentionally vague all the previous Whedon show casting sides have been?

I'm pretty sure some of these will be established Marvel characters (@Allycat - Jessica Drew could be a definite possibility!) - although we probably won't find out for certain until this time next year...
Personally I'd like to see Enver as a regular and all the rest new faces, because Joss always seems to cast wonderful actors.

There should be plenty of opportunities to see familiar whedonverse alum in guest roles.
Danny Pudi and Alison Brie for the nerds?
I appear to be the only one somewhat disappointed. I am a Joss fan and Marvel fan, and was hoping to see some familiar characters brought to screen. Maybe that will still happen, but at bare minimum I was hoping for Clay Quartermain, who probably won't be in any of the movies. Not saying I won't enjoy the show, but not having this tie deeply into the Marvel universe I already know is a huge blow.

I'll be honest: I'm a hell of a lot interested in the show now than I was before. I guess I misread the original statement. When they said new characters, they really did mean new characters. I thought they meant new to the developing onscreen Marvel universe, but not new period.

Perhaps this will alter over time. But right now there is nothing about this that even suggests that it has to be a Marvel show.

I think also that unless they bring in some familiar characters - a Carol Danvers or Jessica Drew would have helped - the potential of the show as a ratings success will be undercut. Even if your average TV viewer doesn't know who Carol Danvers is, they would get a lot out of going to the comics to learn more. As it is, there is no tie in to the comics. Probably no helicarrier or Triskelion.

So far me personally, this list of characters was like a titanic THUD. I was hoping for that air rifle for Christmas but was given a wood burning kit instead. Maybe I'll come to love that woodburning kit, but right now I'm missing that air rifle.
"The Cavalry" or "the Calvary"? Sorry, pet peeve of mine.
I'd like to see Enver as well because I haven't seen him in anything since Dollhouse that shows off his incredible acting ability. But other than him, I'm good with new faces.
As a "Vampire Diaries" enthusiast, I'd really like to see Matt Davis on a genre show again ASAP.
@MilsonJO I think you've just won the award for best casting suggestion; Alison Brie and Danny Pudi would be an absolute dream, and if Community gets cancelled after this season (god forbid, but you know) then it could have a shot...

And yeah, I think they should keep most of the main cast as Whedon newbies, with a couple familiar faces in there (bringing back an ageing Nicolas Brendon would be fantastic). Obviously we'll get the alumni guest stars, one would presume.

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I've got my heart set on a multi-episode arc with Christina Hendricks playing Chastity McBryde. Please.
I was really hoping that they'd cast Enver, expanding on his role as the cop in Avengers. Maybe make him a new recruit after seeing the events in New York?
redders - me, too. What's so difficult about spelling "cavalry" correctly?

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I want fresh faces, too. Not that I don't love the old ones, but I want to see something new.

The Danny Pudi and Alison Brie suggestion is pretty brilliant though. They have the perfect chemistry for that.
Oh...the casting option permutations are astronomical! I personally would want a good split mix...have a couple of better known faces (preferably Whedon Repertory members, but I will take external known properties) to help anchor the show but have other characters be people that deserves some recognition.

However, the available pool of once and future Whedon show cast members is more than decent. Basically the entire cast of Dollhouse barring Dichen is available and hell, why not get Sean Maher in to be Grant Ward! If the character's a bit of a dick, why not have Sean expand on his Don John the Bastard role (and Joss' effusive "You should be a dick more often!" praise) by giving him sort of warped version of Simon Tam!

I'm all in favor of new faces (and nice guest appearances...), but did anyone see Enver on Dexter? He needs a proper role!
I think Joss is going to find new people for us to fall in love with.

Probably, although I often find the concept of 'new' to be overrated. As long as the actor fits the character I'm happy. And if it's someone I'm already familiar with and like - all the better.

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They're not going to put a Carol Danvers in this series when she could potentially headline her own movie in the future.
But Eddy, the obverse of that is why put Carol Danvers in a movie that she "might" be able to headline - though it is unlikely it would come up to the level of the lower rung of Marvel movies already seen - when she could be the anchor of a TV series that could run for seasons? I just don't see Danvers as anything but a supporting player in the movies. But she could headline a TV series.

What makes her especially good for a TV series - and I've always thought the same thing was true of Daredevil - is that she is one of the more troubled Marvel characters. She is one of the more self-abusive, troubled superheroes in all of Marvel, and her story would get short schrift in a film. She is a complex, many faceted personality, it is unlikely the most interesting aspects of her character could ever come out in film.

Given how awful the Daredevil movie was, I always feel compelled to defend the character. I think at this point that Daredevil is the most important Marvel or DC character to have never been well served in either movie, TV, or cartoon. I say this with sadness because he is far and away my favorite superhero character. Despite the awful movie, we've been gifted with four incredibly gifted writers who did very long turns (or in the case of the fourth, is currently doing a turn) on Daredevil. First, of course, was Frank Miller, who not only helped reinvent Daredevil (though initially only as a fairly crappy artist - his Daredevil was the most artificial looking character I've ever seen in his movements - he tended to kick the way a G.I. Joe doll would, leg extending into the air with no involvement with any other part of the body), but returned for one of the greatest superhero stories ever, Daredevil Born Again, and later did the best Daredevil origins story (Daredevil Man Without Fear), while also doing a handful of Elektra stories. Then we got Brian Michael Bendis, who if anything did a better long term job than Miller. Then Ed Brubaker did an outstanding three year run. And now Mark Waid has started Volume 3 of DD. Part of what makes Daredevil such a great hero is that he is arguably the most beautiful character to draw, which is an arguable but defensible statement (Daredevil simply moving across the Hell's Kitchen landscape can lead to some of the most arresting panels in comics), but the other part is that no Marvel superhero has suffered as much as Matt Murdock. Alfred Hitchcock subscribed to the principle "Torture the woman," but Daredevil is as tortured a soul as anyone who ever put on a costume. He has had several lovers murdered, one driven insane, has been completely abandoned on several occasions, has been psychologically tortured as well as physically, has had nervous breakdowns, has lost everything and restarted more than once, has spent time in prison, and has lost his secret identity (though I love how Matt wears his "I'm Not Daredevil" T-shirt). All while mainly focusing on the little guy, for the most part refusing offers to join the Avengers and other teams, in order to stay in Hell's Kitchen and fight for the little guy. Oh, and lets not forget the death of his father and the loss of his eyesight.

My point? That the kind of moral and psychological complexity that makes Daredevil as interesting a superhero as Marvel can offer simply cannot translate well to film. This kind of character development is best done on TV. And the same holds true of Carol Danvers. You can have a Ms. Marvel movie, but not a Carol Danvers movie. And Ms. Marvel is the least interesting part of Carol Danvers.

So please let her turn out to be the star of this show.
I'm not sure about "The Calvary." I think Golgotha sounds more like a Marvel character. One that would scare even Thanos.
I'm glad they seem to be sticking with original characters for this one, it'll allow them much more freedom with the characters. Of course it'll still be nice to see Fury and Hill ever now and again!
I desire SO to see Joss and James Marsters work together again. Shove James in there somewhere!!! I adore James but his work with Whedon, IMO, brought out his acting so much better than most of what he has done since. James says he would love to work with Joss again. JOSS PLEASE!!??!?!? *one lonely tear streams down my face*
I'm all in favor of new faces (and nice guest appearances...), but did anyone see Enver on Dexter? He needs a proper role!

veraishq | October 02, 22:05 CET

I did! He was pretty wasted in that part. Though his delivery on his last line in the show as pretty perfect. And his name was Victor!

Someone I'd always wanted to see speak Joss's words is Caroline Dhavernas. She was so brilliant in Wonderfalls, and I'd love to see her in something regularly.
What is the basis for suspecting "Skye" of being Jessica Drew? Is it just because of the one-word name?
@guidedby Caroline Dhavernas will be in Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, if it ever airs. It would be fantastic to see her in a Jossy thing though.
Oh I would love to see Caroline Dhavernas in this! That would be so cool.
@Squishy: the one-word name to me indeed suggests maybe its a cover; Jessica Drew matches the description, if we ignore her superpowers for a moment, but we can assume those would not be in the casting call anyway.

EDIT: It is also wishful thinking on my part ^_^

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"In the Biblical New Testament, Calvary is the hill where Jesus was crucified. In modern usage, the word’s other definitions are (1) an artistic representation of Christ’s crucifixion, and (2) an ordeal involving great suffering. Cavalry is completely different. It means (1) the part of an army that fights on horseback, and (2) a highly mobile modern army unit."

Perhaps it has something to do with great suffering?

Or maybe a typo
Based on the context provided by the character description, I'm going with typo.
@Allycat: I love it. The use of a cover is a great way to introduce Marvel characters without yet revealing that they have Marvel characters. It is also consistent with the premise of the show, and could make for a great twist in a great story.

Indulging in this speculation for a moment, I wonder: Would the "cover" be part of a SHIELD assignment? Or maybe even better yet, will we later learn that she's a double agent infiltrating SHIELD under the "Skye" Alias? The possibilities are endless.

Of course, the show will have to avoid being seen as an "Alias" ripoff, which shouldn't be too hard, given the existence of superpowers, magic, etc., in this universe.

Speaking of Alias reminds of Bendis's Marvel comic, "Alias," which in turn makes me really want Jessica Jones to be in this show.
What is Kristen Bell up to these days? I would love to see her in a Whedon show ... and we know His Purpleness loved Veronica Mars.
Kristen works on at least 2 TV shows (House of Lies and Gossip Girl). She was on a third last year (Unsupervised) and does about 5-6 movies every year. I'm going to go out on a limb and say she's probably busy. :)
Remember when Enver was cast as a doll, then later they changed it to Lubov? But by then it was too late, and the reveal was spoiled for people who saw the original sides. Since this is so high profile, it would make sense to put out misleading info if they want to keep any surprises.

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