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October 01 2012

The Cabin in the Woods debuts in 4th place on the US DVD sales chart and 2nd place on the Blu-ray sales chart.

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I finally got to see this movie this weekend.

Dear god it was a lot of fun.
Nice to see it on a list but as a reality check those numbers simply are nothing to celebrate. Shocked they're so low, actually.

I didn't see the BD numbers at first. That's a bit more respectable with those added in. More units in BD than DVD is a nice trend.

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I bought two copies. The commentary is great. I don't know why there is anyone who wouldn't want to buy it.
Well, it was released at a time similar to the Avengers. Also, I wonder if DVD/Blu-Ray sales were cannibalized any by the early digital release. Personally, if I had bought the digital version, and it had the commentary, I probably wouldn't have bought the DVD.
There was a Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3?!
I got the last two copies at my local Safeway - they were surprised it sold out so fast.
Finally received my Blu Ray today!

That lenticular cover is pretty sweet!
UK has a different lenticular cover. It's just the main Cabin as with the US one, only it `turns` slightly rather than turning into the creature cube.
Actually a pretty nice 3D floaty effect. Enough that (ahem) I bought the DVD at full price despite having the steelbook BR...
HBO has shown that this site can get it's estimates hugely wrong, but as they use the same methodology for every title then it seems at least possible that Cabin came in 4th, which of course would be a good thing.
Yes these numbers can be very problematic since not all retailers report their sales. The largest retailer in the US (Wal-mart) doesn't report so if a small title over or under indexes there then the numbers can swing wildly. Doesn't really affect blockbusters that sell millions of copies just the small niche titles like Cabin. I wouldn't put much stock in these numbers at all since they are too small to be of any importance in any future decision making. Overall (even with the adequate BD numbers) I expect they are disappointing to Lionsgate. That $6m+ in retail sales might net an insignificant $1.5 to $2M to Lionsgate.
I work for that site and I named The Cabin in the Woods the Pick of the Week when it came out on the home market. The initial numbers do have some estimates build in, as some retailers do not release numbers right away, but the system is usually really good. The DVD numbers will get updated as more information comes in. The same is true for Blu-ray, but you have to go to Opus Data for that information.

The numbers for The Cabin in the Woods were good, for an April release that cost $30 million to make. I think the film will earn a profit for Lionsgate, but given its reviews, the film deserved to be a bigger hit.

On a side note, the link for the Blu-ray only points to the most recent week. Using will link to the write-up, which won't be out of date next week.
Thanks C.S.Strowbridge. I edited the Blu-ray link.

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