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October 02 2012

Double O Fillion on the cover of Geek magazine. Nathan makes an impressive Bond.

I know he's going for Bond but in that tux he looks even more like a great fit Natahan Drake aka Uncharted.
Totally, I just wish Sony et al would get the Uncharted movie locked in so we can get Nathan cast already!
Yes...he IS ruggedly handsome (though there's a bit of Photoshop...or good makeup for HQ pictures)!


But damn...Nathan's looking stylish! And the best part? Since he's Canadian and therefore a citizen of the British Commonwealth, he's eligible for Bond (though he's gonna be 50+ by the time Daniel Craig gets to the end of his extended contract), since 2nd official film Bond, George Lazenby, was Australian. Though I wouldn't say no to Nathan Drake :D
BlueEyedBrigadier So? Sir Sean was 53 when he did his last Bond film. Pierce Brosnan was 42 when he did his first Bond, and 51 when he did his last.

I say bring on Nathan! He's got the charisma, the looks, the attitude, the sly humor. Plus he looks DAMN good in a tux! (And if they somehow got Tony Head to be Q, I'd die of geek overload.)
As a massive Bond fan, ShadowQuest, I know that age shouldn't be an immediate obstacle - I had no issues with a 50-year old Brosnan or a 53-year old Connery in Die Another Day or Never Say Never Again, though the latter film doesn't count officially amongst the 23 film done via Eon Productions and MGM/UA/Sony - but then again, Roger Moore being 56 was really pushing it he didn't age as well IMO!


The only issue is doing a credible Brit accent...which I'm not sure Nathan's ever attempted. Dick Van Dyke can tell just how badly making an attempt that fails backfires on an actor. Maybe he can be a CSIS or CIA agent?

BlueEyedBrigadier Ooh! Maybe he should be the new Felix Leiter!

I was thinking Alexis would make a good Bond Baddie. If Christina Hendricks were the Bond Girl...well, I'll leave that to everyone's fertile imaginations.

I really don't like Daniel Craig. He's very...wooden, in my opinion. I don't care about his Bond, I think his gadgets are way over the top, and I miss his interaction with Q. "It's a nose, not a banana, Q." "And 007, try to return it in one piece." I love Dame Judi Dench as M, but I think she had better chemistry with Brosnan.

Best hook up my VCR again and start a Bond-athon.
VCR, ShadowQuest? What is this you speak of?


And they've brought the character of Q back, so we'll see how things go with Skyfall. I personally think Daniel Craig does a good job, since the novels have Bond be rather hardass and lacking in certain emotive qualities at times. Could just be a matter of the generation you start watching Bond films or other factors. I'm one of the few who will give Timothy Dalton respect for his two Bond films ;P

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