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October 02 2012

The Season 6 premiere of the Guild is now online. Episode #1 of 6th Season of Felicia Day's Web Series is now online courtesy of Geek and Sundry.

You don't need a spoiler tag if it's accessible for everyone to see at the same time. I'm off now to see if it's on Xbox.

ETA: Boo! Not that I can see.

[ edited by Simon on 2012-10-02 19:21 ]
Fun, nice set up for the new season!
@Simon, Felicia's blog made it sound like the deal with Microsoft had ended, and so it might not be coming to Xbox at all, at least not in the capacity it used to be.
Thanks PaperSpock. It's a shame, watching The Guild was the only official reason I used my Xbox apart from playing games.
PaperSpock, Simon: wonder if the discontinuation of the Microsoft deal was part and parcel of the Geek and Sundry setup with YouTube/Google. If so, IMHO, I suspect it was the desire to have the freedom to make decisions like this that Day wanted to keep at the heart of the Microsoft/Sprint sponsorships, i.e. that she would retain full ownership.

/end completely unfounded speculation
I think there's a YouTube app for Xbox. (I think).
Wow! The production value for this episode was amazing! And I love the new intro.
@gossi There is, that's where I watched it at :D
I love this show, btdubs.
That was great. So happy this show is back.

And Tink in this ep? Umm... I'll be in my bunk.
Not sure about the new intro, maybe it'll grow on me though.

Excited about the rest though! So glad the Guild is back.
hey guys! I actually work at G&S now, and yes.. you can watch The Guild on your various devices via the YouTube apps. Views = support . :D

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