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October 02 2012

Buffy and research as a common good. Buffy as an exemplar of doing the public good by actually doing research. Go librarians, and note the response from Grace De Candido.

A really interesting article. I use the library at school a lot more than my friends, and maybe that's because I watch Buffy :D Although sadly, it's usually done on computers and there's no Demonology section on the shelves :(
This was fascinating. Someone could write a very cool paper discussing how characters obtain information in various television shows. I'd read that.
I've always loved Buffy's comment about the "some sort of stress test for the table," so I'm glad the screen shot of Family was included.
Back in high school, our library really was the cool hang out and it often crossed my mind that the Scoobies would have never been able to do what they did there. Our werewolf cage was seldom used.
As the son of a librarian and someone who deeply respects what a library can represent, this article (and of course, Ms. DeCandido's earlier work) pleases me immensely!
Anyone getting flashbacks to that old poster, "Slay Ignorance at the Library"? My high school library had that one up, not that I appreciated it at the time.

Well, I did appreciate SMG's short skirt. (It's clearly a season 2 or 3 picture.) But I was already a research nerd, I didn't need any encouragement.

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