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October 03 2012

Anthony Head is recording an album. (Facebook link) Tony Head announced on his Facebook page that he is recording an accoustic album of - mostly - covers and some original work.

He writes: "We have two songs that we've already recorded and it will be a matter of when I can get back into the studio - I'm hoping to have everything written by the time I'm back from Toronto. Fans have been asking for a simple accoustic album for some time, so that's what it'll be."

Head's first solo album, Music for Elevators, was released in 2002, while he was still working and living in L.A.

Oh good, I was wondering if he would ever make another album.

In time for Christmas????

I am SO totally ordering this as soon as it's available.

This made my morning.
Every time I've met Tony Head at a convention I've begged him to do an acoustic album! He has such a beautiful voice, and personally I felt that 'Music for Elevators' didn't do justice to his singing because it was drowned out by that electronic/synthetic music (not that I ever put it like that to him... but I was really disappointed by that album).
Will it have a full version of "Behind Blue Eyes"? I've never heard anyone else sing that song like him.
What embers said. I mean, I've never met him, but I always thought acoustic settings would be a better fit for his lovely voice. I shall look forward to this! :-)
Oh my goodness.
I've just turned into a giddy schoolgirl again.
this is the second piece of outstanding fan-related consumerism good news I've received in the past 10 minutes. It is also the second piece of general good news I've gotten all day. So I say YAY! And is anyone else mentally compiling the ultimate Tony Head acoustic playlist in their head?
ninjapigeon (By the way, that screen name is trippy.)

Well, it has to start off with "Behind Blue Eyes," and then "Free Bird." After that I'd love to hear his take on John Hiatt's "Have a Little Faith in Me." And I wouldn't mind hearing his version of "Hallelujah." Then a couple of his own songs, then...hmm.

I wonder how Phillip Phillips would feel about Tony doing a cover of "Home"?

embers I didn't care for the synth stuff either. Especially on "Staring at the Sun" - you can't understand him at all.

"Babies" just about kills me every time I listen to it, for personal reasons. (And hearing him singing it live @a convention, after he mentioned that "This song seems to have personal meaning for a lot of people" reduced me to tears.) "All the Fun of the Fair" often gets stuck in my head. And I try to live by the words of "Change."

Actually, now that I think...I wouldn't mind hearing some of those songs redone. Or, if this album does well, maybe he could release an unplugged version of "Elevators"?

Next: Tony Head's Christmas album! With special musical guests Amber Benson and Erika Amato!
This is seriously the best news I've heard since S.H.I.E.L.D. was announced. I loooove all the singing Tony does on Buffy, and his voice is just the greatest. I've been hoping for years he would do this. So happy!!!

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