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October 03 2012

Dr. Horrible - the Anime Musical. What if Dr. Horrible was an Anime Musical?

This is just . . . too perfect and adorable.

Stein'sGate is one of the best animes to have come out in a long time and the song works perfectly. seriously considering watching this series. The premise sounds delightful.

Steins;Gate falls into a relatively small genre of anime where many of the plot points are adaptations of some field of science, in this case "chaos theory." Other examples are Noein which is based on quantum mechanic philosophies, and Serial Experiments Lain which is based on artificial intelligence. About half of the titles of Steins;Gate episodes are direct references to concepts in chaos theory, most importantly the "butterfly effect." The butterfly effect quips that a butterfly flapping its wings in Texas can cause a typhoon 2 weeks later in Tokyo. That is the premise of the show, that by sending 18 character text messages into the past one can dramatically shift the future.
It is an amazing series actually. Plus the characters are very well fleshed out and extremely likable. It has a very nice blend of humor, characterization, and utterly heart wrenching moments.

It's an excellent series, and you may not be able to look at a banana without laughing again.
How is it possible that posts like this don't get deleted?

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