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October 03 2012

I'm Felicia Day, and this is how I work. The article mentions Felicia Day working on Buffy and Dr. Horrible and is a nice article about how she keeps up with her amazing schedule and does all that amazing stuff she does. Mentions her web series work as well.

Oh, do I agree with her approach!
I thought she didn't discuss her process!
Interesting article, thanks for posting FollowMal.
You're welcome, alexreager. I was thrilled to find it.
I admire Felicia very much. To be so successful and also be so kind and considerate of others is rare. I love the way she works- common sense and real time success. :)

I loved the pics too!
"I thought she didn't discuss her process!"

And when she does, she just stands there and does what Joss says, right?

(Felicia is awesome.)
hacksaway, that's my favorite punchline in that entire song! (Imagining Joss and Felicia when she mentions poo is 2nd.)

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