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October 03 2012

The Avengers has huge debut on Blu-ray and DVD. After earning a massive $1.512 billion in theaters worldwide this summer, Marvel's The Avengers dominated the home video market last week.

I wonder how many more copies the 3D version might have sold if Target hadn't been playing games with it?

For those who don't know, Target mistakenly advertised a version that didn't exist (or wasn't available but I believe it to be the former). They therefore substituted the 5-disc 3D version at the same $19.99 price point, which was quite a deal, especially given that Target had a very desirable store exclusive disc. But not all Target's actually put the 3D version out for sale (one in my area, that had them hidden behind the counter, said that they "had no display space allocated for them"). Their website even took the listing down for awhile.

Imo the whole situation was quite unfortunate, but it's good to see that the movie still sold very well.
I just read 6 million units sold on Blu Ray on another forum. Yay for Avengers!
I got the Target version with 4 discs in the mail. Let's see if it plays in my blu ray playing region 2 notebook.


It works. The neightbours won't hear me cry.

Is it sadistic of me to immediatly want to see the censored death scene?

On another note, when I bought Target's the Avengers 4 disc combo pack from a ebay seller, he overcharged for shipping with over 10USD(according to the post stamp). But I think I've found a nice way to say:

"Give me back my MONEY!!!"

I swear, I don't care if he gives me negative too, he'll get negative feedback. He has nothing but positive feedback now, but the fact that he didn't refund immediatly makes me me think I will not see the money
Sellers can't give negative feedback any more btw.
They can't? That doesn't seem fair. What their/our new alternative?
Not that this is the place, but what the stamp costs and what postage was charged by the seller aren't entirely relevant. You knew what was being charged for postage and by purchasing you agreed to this charge. There is more to postage than a simple stamp. There is also packaging costs, and time involved posting the item. Negging a seller because you've decided you don't like the postage cost you already agreed is a bit uncool.

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We'll have to agree to disagree. I'm not saying I have a legal case against the seller, but even if handling and packaging costs was suppose to be involved in that cost, who charges 13USD for that? Specially since if I had lived in the US, shipping would have been 3USD.

In this case, I definitly think I'm being ripped off(perhaps unintentionally), but I am willing to listen to the seller first. I just assumed he went with a more expensive shipping alternative, but it turns out he didn't. So unless handling and packaging costs(it was sent in a bubble wrap envelope) for some reason cost that much extra to Sweden than to the US, he will get either neutral or negative feedback. I doubt I'd give him negative though, considering that you are partly right and he can't even give me neutral back. I could after all have asked what was handling and what was packaging/stamp cost. I've just never been in this situation before, so I've never had to regret not asking that question.


I just got this reply:
"I had no idea how much shipping would cost until I took it to the Post Office. I normally do not ship out of the United States but when you asked and had positive feedback, I told you a flat shipping rate of $22.00. I apologize for the inconvenience but you agreed upon paying $22.00 after you bidded on my item with knowing shipping would be $22.00"

I don't want to give feedback or answer harshly until I've calmed down, but this seems unfair.

I won't whine about it anymore here, since this is off topic, but I am very displeased.

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Yay for Joss! I'm glad that, for once, everyone seems to know how amazing one of his movies is. Joss is one man I actually want to take over the world, and this is a good step in that direction. :)
@Skytteflickan88 - I guess they have to make their profit somewhere. I know numerous people who's full-time job is actually buying and re-selling through eBay. They would charge for packaging and time spent along with any fuel money (it's more than a 20 mile journey to the nearest post office for me).

Anyway, back on topic. Hooray for the Avengers!
I'm watching the commentary now. I just had to say it breaks my heart to hear Joss say the thing about how rocking the crib was added to the "I don't always get what I want"-line. Breaks my heart and really adds depth to the character. I didn't even think about that layer when I watched the movie. Makes it so sad.


If they had told me it was meant to be handling or other expenses, that'd be different, but this just seems to be greed.
If we could stick to the topic that would be lovely.
It's nice that Cabin in the Woods hung around in the top ten in DVD sales in its second week, and led rentals both weeks (Avengers being delayed as a rental - was that a ploy to increase sales or was there another reason?)
I bought my 4 disc combo pack from amazon. Best money I spent all week.

There's a 3D disc in there? Does anybody actually own a 3D TV?
Haven't upgraded to Blu yet but I picked up the DVD the day it came out and greatly enjoyed watching it with Joss' commentary. Will probably get a Blu for Xmas and get the big package too.
bigsofty, most major studios now enforce a delay on rentals with big titles in order to increase sales.

Squishy, I do. Have had it for almost 2 years now.
Cool. Do you like it? How often do you use the 3D functionality? Is Cabin available in 3D?

I'm holding out for an Apple TV set, though who knows if they'll ever actually make one, or if I'll get spousal permission to buy one. Maybe just in time for Avengers 2!?
It's Sony HD/3D TV and it was basically the same price as the comparable HD only sets and they threw in a PS3 to act as my BD/3D player so I couldn't pass it up. I've used the 3D functionality only a couple times and only with movies. It's fine as long as you sit pretty much directly in front of the set.
I also have a 3DTV & don't use the 3D often, even though I have TV channels in 3D. I have played a couple of 3D video games that I thought benefited from it. (Batman: Arkham City for example) Usually though, you get worse color/black levels/resolution, plus you have to wear the active shutter glasses. The passive 3D is not as good in the home TVs yet, although apparently that is improving. Also, you want a really big screen, because anything in your peripheral vision really breaks the illusion.

Cabin in the Woods was not made into 3D, no.
Target cancelled my order placed back in mid-July without notification, which I only discovered as a result of reading this post -- so thanks, Risch22, for the head's up. When I attempted to re-order the exclusive 3D BD 4-disc version (+ Target's Exclusive Bonus Disc) on 10/02, it didn't exist in their system, which made me a mite twitchy.

For those who are interested, both it and the 2-disc BR + Target Exclusive Bonus Disc are available again through Oh, and naturally, the price is no longer $19.99, but $32.99 (3D BD-X) and $25.99 (BD-X), respectively.
Miz, if you have your original order confirmation email, you should contact them & try to get them to honor the price you ordered it forů

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