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October 04 2012

10 kick-ass women who should guest star in Joss' S.H.I.E.L.D. tv show. Who would you add to the list?

I'd want Mockingbird (Barbara Morse). She is superbly trained in athletics, various unarmed combats, and espionage. Physical attributes enhanced to peak of human potential. Also expert with Battle-stave weapons. And she looks super-good in leather!
Hey, I just posted the other day that I really want Jessica Jones to appear on the show, and now this list has her at #10. I didn't know she was up for her OWN show though. Wowsers!

Also, it so cracked me up that the enemy organization in number 5 is called "MILF." They should TOTALLY have that on the show!
HA! You made a funny ^_^
OMG could they really have Kitty Pride? Or does the studio w/the X-men studio still own her? Because you know Joss would LOVE to have Kitty Pride on his show!
Squishy, I agree! Jessica Jones is terrific! I had Michael Gaydos (the Alias artist) draw a sketch of her in my sketchbook at a convention a few years back.

I could totally see Eliza playing JJ. Same kind of bad ass as Faith with outward super strength and underlying vulnerability.

I can't believe we're actually going to be getting some Joss tv soon!!! OMG!
Surprise by no Bobbie Morse or Carol Danvers. Cinematic Marvel has a lot of Ultimate Marvel aspects, and Carol Danvers was a big part of Ultimate SHIELD.
I'm jealous of your Jessica Jones sketch. I think "Alias" is Bendis's greatest work, though admittedly I haven't read EVERYTHING he wrote (he's pretty prolific).
I'm watching the dvd now. Item 47. I love both those actors. The girl is from party down. They guy is from Bring It on.
And the SHIELD agent is the evil guy from Lost.

ETA: Okay, that was not great. But it could be a terrific jumping off point for the SHIELD show.

ETA 2. Sorry, this post should have gone under the Avengers DVD post.

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