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October 04 2012

Bid on plush bears signed by Joss Whedon and various Whedon alums. Project Teddy Bear raises breast cancer awareness and money for research ( by auctioning off plush bears signed by celebrities.

She's currently auctioning off bears signed by Joss Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Jane Espenson, James Marsters, Nicholas Brendan, Adam Baldwin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, J. August Richards, Mercedes McNab, and a plethora of other squee-inducing geek icons. Shiny!

It's good to see most Whedon alums getting up to nice amounts collected! Although I'm kinda supprised they're nowhere near Richard Dean Anderson's teddybear. That one really sticks out :D

(and damn, he's gotten old, lol)
Well, Rashann, he is 62 years old and the father for a 14-year old daughter so he's not the springiest of chickens, ya know :D

Still, the man is a geek hero between his time as Angus MacGyver and Jack O'Neill/O'Neil (I forget whether the Kurt Russell version from the movie used the single-L version or it was RDA's version). His signature is bound to be worth something big...
Yeah, true. And I know that of course, but still, he looks old ;) Ow, and it's RDA's version with two L's, quoting: 'It's "O'Neill", with two L's. There's another Colonel O'Neil with only one L, and he has no sense of humor at all.'
Thank you to whoever rewrote this for me and completed the list of Whedonverse alums! You're making me look better than I deserve :)

[ edited by Mare on 2012-10-05 16:51 ]
RDA's character on SG-1 was with two lls. Why do I know that? Can someone tell me why I know that?

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