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October 05 2012

Eliza Dushku's 'My Console' music video. Lots and lots of swearing.

I like the part where she raps like she doesn't usually rap.
Love it. Actresses rapping always seem like fun (OK, I've seen three).
God, that was hard to watch. Painful, really. But the way she looks down on them at the end was great.
Awww, how can she be so intimidating and adorable at the same time? So silly. So great.
Uh...yeah. OK.
I guess Natalie Portman has a lot to answer for...
Awful. Just awful.
IMO, the only thing Natalie Portman has to answer for is making rap parodies look easy enough that Sturgeon's Law gets to be invoked a lot quicker than otherwise due to everybody and their Uncle Steve trying to be the next ODB, Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z or Eminem because they might be able to string a technically sound rhyme together!


That being said, there's a difference between the production values of SNL (the Natalie Portman rap parody) and (whom Jace Hall does video reviews and sketches for). I'm sure with NBC Universal money, this could have received a tad more shine to help with how palatable you feel this video seems to be.
Natalie Portman's vid was awesome. Eliza's is just about half as good, if that. And like BlueEyedBrigadier said, it could be due to less money.

Either way, I like both vids.

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