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October 05 2012

Okay, I Finally Watched It: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This Was Television has a look at the first three seasons of Buffy.

Great to see new converts, but i have to say (my inner Goblin is forcing me) that i love the two first seasons in theire entirety, even if halfway of season two there is an increase of quality of gargantuan proportions. I love the silliness, the out there ideas, the absurdist humor right back from the beginning. And i really dont care for cheap special effects in a show this good. I never had to tell myself since series 1 "stay with it". To me, it wasnt a silly show that got good, but a great show that became sublime. I was hooked. To the wit, to the humour, to the characters,the actors... Am i alone in this?

Oh, and bad eggs is one of my favourite episodes.

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I've been showing Buffy to a few different friends recently, and 2 of the 3 have really really liked Season 1. Then as soon as Season 2 starts, forget it :D

Season 2 will always be my favorite though; that's when it started to really get incredible, and I'll never forget that feeling of falling in love with my favorite show!
@Darkness: No, you're not alone in loving the silliness. That is what got me hooked. I especially loved the first two Halloween episodes. :)
Yeah man, I don't know if it is only with hindsight (both after watching the rest of the series and after the vast improvements in special effects since 1996) that people find the first season slightly laughable, but I was hooked from the first episode and already obsessed by the end of the first series.

Watching it now I really enjoy a lot of the episodes still, obviously Welcome to the Hellmouth and The Harvest are great for all the intros, and then Out of Mind Out Of Sight, The Pack, Prophecy Girl, Nightmares, Angel, The Witch...all really good. And the other episodes all have redeeming features.

The only one that's a little bit cringey is I Robot...

Anyway always good to have new fans coming along 15 years after it started. I recently converted my girlfriend and it was a very rewarding experience to watch her start of hesitantly then fall in love with the show.
I loved season 1, just for how new and clever and funny it was, but it was season 2 that made me realise I would be watching every single episode of this show.

I always found it amazing how well Buffy mixed deep darkness with silly or irreverent humour. God, I love Buffy.

"Well, gosh!" :)
And he hasn't even seen Hush and/or Once More With Feeling yet!
I was a fan from the start.Season one is fun. But I admit that it was School Hard when it became appointment television. Season five when I got obsessed.
Been seeing this. Since "The Avengers", Joss is finally known.

With that said, the same still turns a blind eye towards Buffy and Angel. Such a shame too, 'cause you know.

Whatever, guess you have to grab ahold somewhere:)
Reading articles like this is great if for nothing other than being reminded of what it was like for me back in 97-98, watching for the first time. Going to have to go back soon for a rewatch! Or at least a Halloween themed marathon in the interim.
One of my favourite Buffy episodes is The Puppet Show so I like the silliness too.
I love to read articles like this. It takes me back to that first night in March 1997, when I was nine years old and watching the first episode of the series, completely enthralled. Watching it every week, every season, going along for the ride...there was nothing like it. So it gives me a happy when I see others finding this show, and appreciating it like so many have.

For the record, the first four seasons were in my opinion just stellar, the best. When they added Dawn, it also added that element of annoyance that never really existed for me in the world of the show, and I think the show suffered (just a very little) for it. Very interested to read what he thinks of the next four.

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