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October 05 2012

What Buffy says about entrepreneurship. Is there nothing that this show cannot teach us?

I can't even watch this video. She talks way too fast, she doesn't keep the microphone close to her mouth so you can hear everything she's saying, and the sound quality is very poor.

Too bad - I'm interested in her reasoning. Is there perhaps a transcript somewhere?
She just relates everything Buffy does (tough decisions, thinking on your feet, surround yourself with friends, etc) to what an entrepreneur does. Kinda neat, but not exactly a mind blowing analysis. You're not missing out on anything, ShadowQuest.
The scene with Spike on the balcony of the Bronze may not be the best example of "doing something you don't want to do."
In "Flooded", I believe Buffy tried that routine and had a demon tossed into her arms.

No demand for slayers. Really?!

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