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October 05 2012

The Weekly Whedon previews Dr. Horrible's TV Debut. The article includes some quotes from Maurissa Tancharoen regarding Dr. Horrible 2 and the CW airing. In regards to the sequel, Mo says "The goal is that we are going to be shooting next year, and getting the script and everything done at the end of this year".

Extras that are even more impressive than Commentary!?

Can't wait!
We're going to try and organise a Tweet Along with Dr. Horrible on The CW, if anybody is interested. Hashtag #drhorrible on the day.
Unless they're giving us the BR extras the DVD didn't show, I can't see too much extra they can do barring showing the viewers a taste of Dr. Horrible 2...which of course would nucking futz in the amount of awesome that would be!

I'd assumed in this context "extras" is referring to the article's reference to extras for Dr. Horrible 2, the way Commentary was an extra for Dr. Horrible.

(In my head, the tweet-along is an extra called Commentary: The Hashtag.)
Seriously. A little pizzazz in the tweet-along name and hashtag would not go amiss. "Commentary: TheHashtag" is perfect as the tweet-along's title - I almost want that to be the hashtag, too. Or, if folks that haven't yet seen it might find that mystifying - although half the fun *is* in figuring it out - how 'bout #DrHorrible #TheHashtag ?

"Dr. Horrible's Sing-along Blog" & "Commentary: The Musical" are both so clever - I think the social media promoting it could easily be, too.

I'm sure the Minds of WHEDONesque can think of some other names & hashtags, too...

(Can't believe there's finally a Dr. H2 on the calendar - these are some of the busiest creators on the planet. Hoo and a big Rah!)

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