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February 18 2004

BBC reports on Angel's cancellation Nothing new here, but thought it was interesting to note that the BBC is covering it away from their cult section and is in the Top 3 TV stories section at the moment.

Here in the UK Buffy and Angel were seen as "Shows" rather than just "SciFi shows", they aired on major channels and had good viewing figures.
Don't ya just love the the non American media are the ones to get it right in regards to Buffy ending and not being cancelled?

They can't cancel Angel it's too good! Buffy was better but they ended it for a reason but there is no reason to just cancel Angel. There should be a protest to demand Angel to stay on and not be canceled. I'm still coming to terms with the end of Buffy but I have Angel to soften the blow but without either i'm lost I will have nothing. Please any one who's an Angel or Buffy fan do something to stop them canceling Angel. Do anything please!

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