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October 06 2012

Tahmoh Penikett's short film, The Hostage, is released online. Tahmoh produced and starred in a short film, The Hostage, 2 years ago with his good friend and fellow BSG co-star, Aleks Paunovic. Last night, it was finally released online.

Liked it. Very well made. But the ending, with the doors opening by themselves took away from the realistic feeling.
Hi Skytteflickan88,
Haven't seen it yet.
And I guess that you're not spoiling anything.

My guess now would be:
It's the end of the story. It's only a story, a fairytale if you will. Time to wake up, and go back to the 'real' world...

Just hope that will make sense...

And the funny part of 'Art' is that it's open to all kinds of interpretation.


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