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October 06 2012

The Princess Bride - Whedon style. 'Cheesewearing Theology' casts the Princess Bride characters with Whedonverse actors. Inconceivable? Well that's for you to decide.

Oh, my. That is... flimsy.

Also lol, Topher "Grace."
Yeah, weak. But swap Nathan and Alan's roles and you might have something.
Ooo, let's have a remake of the Princess Bride where everyone other than the grandfather is between 30 and 45!... Not.
I have never disagreed with such a cast list so completely in my life.
No no no no NO! The Princess Bride is perfect, NEVER let anyone do anything to taint its name!
ETA: I had nothing nice to say, so I shouldn't have said anything all.

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Riley was "good-hearted but not that bright"? Did they miss the whole subplot where he was a graduate psychology student?

More importantly, who even wants a remake of The Princess Bride?
I'm so glad other people have already said exactly what I was thinking: Don't EVER EVER EVER remake The Princess Bride -- not even Joss Whedon writing/directing could make me watch it. It's sacrilegious.
I came here to read people's comments first before clicking the link. The consensus seems clear...
Playing devil's advocate here... I agree that Joss is likely someone, maybe the only one, who could do any remake of Princess Bride justice. And it's a fun list. BUT, that having been said, Princess Bride is *perfect* just as it is and I don't want any remakes either. Not everything has to be remade!
I agree with one statement...anything is better with Anthony Head in it.

That's about it.
Yeah - I feel bad about raining on the author's parade, but, apart from a slight chuckle when I reached the Alan Tudyk part, my overall reaction is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Although, oddly, moreso to the idea of their being a Whedon remake than any at all (something about how similar and yet identifiably unique Goldman versus Whedon style is just really rubs me the wrong way about trying to mix them.)
No one can replace André the Giant.

Word. And if some weird childhood issues still force you to try, atleast go with Abraham Benrubi and not some actor with a rather random appearance (not to be taken the wrong way).
And while I don't feel as strongly about reinventing "The Princess Bride" specifically (I still carry a general hatred towards the remake-/reboot-/pre- or sequel-sania, that's currently running wild in Hollywood) as others here (I never fell in love with it), I absolutely agree with sathena99. And UnderTheDark. And anyone else who disagrees with this idea for whatever reason. If you don't have an idea of your own (or a novel to adapt), find something other to do than making movies.
My disagreement with the post is more about the very poor casting choices than the general concept of remaking the Princess Bride. I actually found the movie version of Princess Bride to be a pretty disappointing adaptation of one of my favorite books of all time. It grossly oversimplified and overcampified the source material. To me, any "remake" of the Princess Bride should remake the book and not the movie, and it should be longer, with more suspense, as well as better character focus, acting and special effects. All while retaining the original humor. Basically, it should be more like Avengers.

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