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October 07 2012

Emily Blunt, Ruth Wilson reportedly linked with Avengers 2 role. It's been a couple of months since the last casting rumour for the Avengers sequel.

Scroll down to the end of the Daily Mail article to see the relevant blurb.

Haven't clicked the link yet but she was supposed to play Black Widow originally but she was already contracted with Fox to do Gulliver's Travels and had to drop out of Ironman 2.

Ok just clicked the link. I think its BS. I really doubt Joss has finished a script for A2 yet and theres no way it films next year unless its during the last quarter of 2013.

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The ladies in consideration, I cannot say. The inclusion of Ms. Marvel though seems a foregone conclusion, her and/or 1-2 other female Avengers. I don't think Joss could abide doing it again with only three female characters with more than 25 or so spoken words.

I haven't seen Emily Blunt in anything action/adventure yet -- does "The Adjustment Bureau" count? Haven't seen it, and nothing else leaps to mind. So I don't know. With our own Natasha Romanoff, I already knew from "The Island" that she could be believable in an action setting, so it wasn't much of a surprise when she left Happy gawping at her while she took out a hallway of mooks in "Iron Man 2".
Internet fan casting campaigns have typically had me rooting in the past for actors that ultimately didn't make the cut. I think the blonde woman from Chuck would be a good Carol Danvers, but Marvel have really been hitting home runs with their casting, so I'll wait to see. I think Marvel just really wants Emily Blunt. She's been (rumored) in the lead for what, 3 of their movies now?
Whoever the choice, I just hope Ms. Marvel and/or the Wasp make it in this time.
Emily Blunt is great (hello, Looper). Also, I don't love how the Daily Mail now prints articles without even putting a reporter name on them.. It's almost like some stories get entirely made up and nobody wants to put a their name on it.

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Yes,Emily Blunt was up for Black Widow when the part was being cast for Iron Man 2.I think she was also offered the Peggy Carter role in Captain America but turned that down.

I think Ms. Marvel or as she's now known as,Captain Marvel would be a grat addition to the roster.

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Oh, Emily Blunt might have been a good choice for Black Widow. I maintain that Scarlet is the weakest link in Marvel's casting. Some incredibly cool scenes written for her, but when it comes to line delivery, she cocked up a lot of Joss's lines.
I think Ruth Wilson is a wonderful presence on screen; much more interesting to me than Emily Blunt, though she is also capable. Wilson would have made a great Loki, actually; and she would be wonderful as anyone juggling multiple agendas. She doesn't particularly look like an action person, but she can certainly portray the right attitude for violence.

I'm not keen on seeing too many new characters in the next film; for one reason, I don't want to see Joss ruin his health trying to do every one of them justice. I do, however, love Carol Danvers and it would be lovely to see Captain Marvel going to work on the big screen.

While I'm not her biggest fan, I liked Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and noticed no lines being ruined by her. The first time I hear 'I don't see how that's a party' it didn't work for me but strangely, since then, I have snorted happily every time I've heard it.
Emily Blunt definitely earned some action movie cred in 'Looper', and I would love to see her in 'Avengers 2'. But not replacing Scarlett who I thought did a wonderful job with Black Widow (I even know a 7 year old girl who wants to be Black Widow because of the awesome job Scarlett Johansson did). Basically I'm wanting more female characters, not different ones.
I have two concerns with Ms. Marvel being in the film.

First, it kills my fantasy that she would be the tentpole character for the SHIELD series. If all the Avengers, she is the one with perhaps the most complex personal life,with more ups and downs emotionally and morally than any of them. That would play out better on TV than in a movie. Though as I have posted over and over all over the Internet, the character who really needs his own TV show - and I wish del Toro had gone this direction than with the Hulk - is Daredevil. He is by far my favorite Marvel character, but mainly because of the slow roast quality of his sufferings. He goes through more emotional hell than any superhero of Marvel or DC. Many superheroes wear suffering as an adornment, but Matt Murdock's life at many times consists of nothing but the determination not to let the suffering drag him down. And saying all this just starts making me seethe about that crappy Daredevil movie. The only superhero who was more thoroughly botched was John Constantine in that terrible Keanu Reeve movie (I always though that the film might have worked with Ewan MacGregor as Constantine.)

Anyway, my second problem with Ms. Marvel is the fear that they are brining her in rather than Ant-Man/Giant Man/Yellow Jacket (I assume he'll be Giant Man in function, even if they call him Ant-Man - in the comics his name is tied to the kind of technology he is using at the time) and the Wasp. Since they were charter members of the Avengers, I'll be ticked if they bring in Ms. Marvel first.

The other two near-charter members were Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. I suspect that they are banned by contract since they are Magneto's children. I'm sure when Marvel signed the contract with 20th Century Fox, they somehow specified which mutants would be exclusive to the X-Men universe. Since Marvel has talked about making a Runaways film (and this is the film I always thought Joss would be the most perfect to direct - and maybe he still will), the contract can't be a blanket ban on mutants, since the youngest (and physically most powerful) of the Runaways is Molly Hayes, who is a mutant (for those who don't know the comic, Molly has been paired in scenes with Wolverine, which usually results in her smacking him so hard that he flies a couple of hundred feet through the air - since Molly is 12 and weighs about a hundred pounds, this is rather humiliating for Logan - but they are brilliant together, and Marvel paired the two of them in a couple of issues of the Runaways). Point is, I doubt if we'll see Magneto's kids.

I'm beginning to fear that the SHIELD series is not going to have a tentpole character or a significant superhero of any kind (though there were rumors of Captain Marvel being in the show, but I believe those have been shot down).
Feige said they could use Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch if they wanted.

As for Ms. Marvel, she seems to have an incredibly complicated backstory which has always put me off from following her. That's why I really liked Joss' Astonishing X-Men, he streamlined the story and you didn't have to know about the 40 years worth of intricate plot. Maybe Joss can do the same for Ms Marvel. Make her accessible.
I know there is no way for it to be avoided but I really hope most Joss and Marvel fans could resist working themselves into a tizzy over every unfounded rumor. Just a wee bit of faith might possibly be warranted. Not just faith in Joss but everyone involved in the recent Marvel movie (and now TV) efforts. It's all been pretty brilliant so far.

I just started reading the new Captain Marvel title. I'm looking forward to getting to know her.
I loved Looper, it's in my top 5 films of the year with The Avengers and Cabin in the Woods (Moonrise Kingdom and Dark Knight Rises are the other 2) so I'm super stoked if this turns out to be true.
Then again it is reported by the Daily Mail, possibly my least favorate newspaper and not exactly well known for their factual accuracy and lack of bias.
Are they really shooting Avengers 2 next year? That seems awfully soon (not that I'm complaining but) I thought they'd leave the stand alone films some room to breath.
Hmm, Daily Mail + story shoe-horned into a piece about Stella McCartney = Pinch of salt taken. Seriously, shooting next year? If this pops up on something a little more credible (in terms of geekdom websites) then I'll consider it, because Emily Blunt could be a very good casting decision, but this just reeks.
I really hope most Joss and Marvel fans could resist working themselves into a tizzy over every unfounded rumor

Given the amount of bad superhero film and tv shows in the last few years, I think fans have earned the right to be a bit concerned about what happens to their favourite characters. We've seen 20th Century Fox ruin the Fantastic Four and Daredevil and almost sink the X-Men franchise. Warner Bros bored Superman fans to death with Returns and killed off any interest in Green Lantern. Aside from Batman, they seem to have a kiss of death when it comes to their DC properties. Marvel had a very wobbly moment with Iron Man 2 and for the sake of decency I'm not even mentioning the Ghost Rider movies or The Spirit.

Seriously, shooting next year?

There's speculation that Danvers could cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie first.
I don't agree with the panic first and get the facts later mentality but like I said there is no way for it to be avoided. Carry on.
Ruth Wilson is amazing. I don't know much about Carol Danvers, but from the little I do know, I think Wilson would be a good fit. And I'd love to see her join the Marvel family.
For those unfamiliar with Captain Marvel, she's a powerhouse of the Thor and Hulk variety. Super-strong, can fly, shoots energy blasts from her hands. The original Captain Marvel was an alien male of the Kree race, now deceased. Carol Danvers has inherited his mantle.
Ah, to hear Joss' words coming out of Ruth Wilson's mouth. That would be... something.
Tin Ear Tom, that could be terrifying. Or heartbreaking. And terrifying.
I donīt really like both actresses in the role. They just donīt seem to fit right. Maybe for another character. I mean, even if you donīt know Ms. Marvel, google her and you will see that someone else is needed. Blunt is too tomboyish and Wilson has only her one look. You need someone feminie and strong to make the character believeable. I donīt know, Laura Vandervoort, maybe, though I donīt know if she is good enough as an actress.
Just regarding the "shooting next near" part of the article, IM3 is still filming, Thor 2 just started last month, & Cap 2 isn't slated to begin until March. If Avengers 2 starts fliming next year, it'll have to be VERY late next year...
Ruth Wilson has the smoky voice of old Hollywood, and really expressive acting style (see her role in Luther) that makes her a great choice for any roles Joss might envision for her. I think she did a phenomenal job in Luther.

N27, I don't see how Emily Blunt looks to be too much of a tomboy. Is she just not feminine enough? Was Demi Moore considered too masculine just because she did GI Jane? Some consider Angelina Jolie to be the embodiment of feminine quality, but did that mean she was too much of a woman to do Wanted, Salt, Tomb Raider, or any of the many action films she's done? If neither of those are the case, I don't see how Emily Blunt can be "too tomboyish." I also don't see how Ruth Wilson has "one look" - what look? Feminine and strong can come in a variety of ways, as Joss' work is so apt to point out.

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