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October 08 2012

New design for Dr. Horrible website. No new content (that I could see) but it does look shiny.

Lovely! And since I signed up for the email list I just received an email from Dr. Horrible. I'm special, aren't I? :-)
Did the Bad Horse chorus sing the email?

Edited. I'm curious to see what the ratings will be for this on TV since its been free online for so many years. I'm also curious to see how many 'trolls' leap on it post-Avengers.

[ edited by eddy on 2012-10-08 20:12 ]
Of course the sang it, didn't they for you?
This new page will apparently sport "fan based hilarity" one the east coast and possibly "special guests" on the west coast during the airing tomorrow, along with facebook comments and commentary being streamed, and a live chat window.

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