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October 08 2012

'Dr. Horrible' on The CW and sequel scoop. Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen speak to the Huffington Post's Maureen Ryan about the super-villain musical and its sequel. Jed says "We want it to come out five years after the first one. That'd be a nice place for it to land."

Some great tidbits to tide us over; can't wait!

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Thanks for the heads up, all fixed now.
Is this the first serious talk we've heard of bringing Dr. Horrible to the stage?
It's been mentioned before from what I recall.
"...and the third member of the "Dr. Horrible" brain trust directed one of the most successful movies of all time."

It's old news, but it still makes me smile.
I just bought Bombs Away, is the rest of the album as good as that one?
eddy, yes. The whole thing is fantastic.
The article had me for a second with the "The Bad Horsening" thing. It sounded almost like a plausible title those crazy kids would come up with.
Is there a betting pool on where the ad breaks will be?

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