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February 18 2004

Look skyward, 'Angel' "Angel" has been staked. UPN seems ambivalent about continuing the voyages of "Enterprise." The clock is ticking on Fox's low-rated "Tru Calling." That could leave the WB's "Smallville" and "Charmed" as the only sci-fi/fantasy shows on network television.

Wow I never thought I'd see "fairly gracious" and "WB" mentioned in the same paragraph. I read a rumour elsewhere that Tru Calling had got a second season. And isn't Alias supposed to be on the bubble as well?
I love how we're zealots! We're zealots and the WB is "gracious." Riiiiiight. What frickin' bizarro world did I wake up to?

If TNT is so relatively broke, then here's a zealous plea to UPN: please cancel "Enterprise." Pick up "Angel" for a sixth season.

It seems that the way to go for Joss if he continues in television is to make a deal directly with a network. If only "Angel" had been made in-house for the WB...or can anyone tell me if that's potentially an even worse scenario? Industry ignoramous here.
Tru Calling was picked up for a full season - inexplicably. I haven't heard about a second season. The show's been so bad TWOP decided to drop it from the recap roster before the end of the season.
Here you go, minimal details at
Phlebotinin - If Angel and Buffy were produced by the WB there wouldn't have been any chance of them getting rid of the shows because they would've been the only ones raking in all those DVD sales!

I think UPN would do better with Angel than with Enterprise but I also thought that was the case when they had the opportunity to pick up Firefly which had higher ratings than both Angel and Buffy, which both were beating Enterprise in ratings but they didn't jump on that opportunity back then either. I'm hoping they've learned to go with a sure winner instead and will take Angel.
There is no justice. I stopped watching two months ago or more - thought it was painfully bad.
Oh. My. God. Tru Calling is probably being picked up for a second season while Firefly was yanked from the air mid-first season? There really is no justice, is there?
I'm also baffled by this! I don't get it, I tried to give Tru a chance and it just, well, sucked. The ratings suck too and Firefly did better. These Fox people are really dumb because by keeping Tru Calling on for yet another season, they are basically destroying the chance that Eliza Dushku will do a Faith spinoff, which would lead to great success and lots of money for them in DVD sales.
Sigh. There MUST be a 'ban Joss' conspiracy.
There is definitely a "ban Joss" conspiracy when Charmed is renewed for another season! Alias is on the bubble??? What are the networks doing???
I thought about posting the Tru Calling rumor this morning but I'm still not so sure it's true. For example, there's nothing about it on Spoiler Slayer yet. If it is true, I'm astounded.
What? Alias is on the bubble? But why? Why? for the love of God... Why? 24, Alias and Angel are the ONLY shows I watch. Someone seriously has it out for me.
The truth about why Tru Calling is survivng is simple - it has met and exceeded expectations in the deomgraphics - which is where the show was actually maketed too. When FOX sold Tru Calling to the advertisers it was as a potential female 18-39 year old demo draw and even though the over all ratings suck FOX has consistantly take 3rd in the demo it was shooting for which actually beat it's predictions of a solid 4th position on Thur nights. Firefly on the other hand was marketed as reaching the male 18-34 demo which is larger than the female market - for some bizarro reason that I'm not buying - and it wasn't hitting it's projected target, that's why it got the axe and Tru has survived. Will the demo be it be enough for a renewal - who knows it depends what FOX has on deck for next season.
Nychick - I too enjoy Alias and that will also suck big time if that gets cancelled too! I haven't heard anything this season about it still being on the bubble but the first two seasons I did. Now, as far as I know, ABC owns the rights and it is already out on DVD so maybe that will help them want to keep it.
Also, I assume that Tru, with its smaller cast, no fancy special effects, or elaborate sets, is rather cheaper to produce than Firefly was.
From what I've read, ABC is fully behind Alias, but I'm not sure if it's officially been picked up for next season. If that show gets cancelled then I'm definitely taking a header off the nearest building.

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The biggest thorns in my side right now are the Dark Shadows thing ('Those 'zealots' will watch ANY vamp show we give them hahah!') and 'Charmed' getting renewed (Enough Charmed bashing you say? No. Never enough. Gee, I wonder what outfits they'll be wearing THIS week!)

As for Firefly and Enterprise at UPN...well at FOX you could tell Firefly had a good budget. That show looked great and every penny was used. Enterprise has got to be cheaper and that's probably the reason. To cut the budget on Firefly that drastically and still try and keep it have the same feel and look was probably more troublesome than just doing Enterprise. But really, has that show EVER done well in the ratings? Maybe UPN will go for Angel if they axe Enterprise, but I'm not holding my breath. They might decide to dump fantasy/SF all together. Then again they need at least one good show.....who knows.

But Tru possibly getting another season?? Having way lower ratings than Angel on a network where they are expected to be higher than that? So it did well with the target demographics. So did Angel as I recall. Sure, Tru must be cheaper to make but has been a consistent 'loser' mentioned on the ratings pages. Damn! Fox may nix any chance of a Faith spin off that way!!
He-he Ed don't you mean what outfits they wont be wearing, everytime I turn it on I look at Milanos outfit and I think to myself Janet flashed less than that at the super bowl.

As for the demos vs ratings - the male demo is still the bigger of the two but the female rating is catching up - Angel is targeted toward that audience and even though it does well in that demo for the overall network - for the Wed 9pm hour it is #4 or #5 compared to Tru which for it's demo ranks #3 for the Thur 8pm timeslot. So even though it's ratings are not high it is reaching the audience they expected it to reach.

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