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October 09 2012

Felicia Day sees CW airing 'Dr. Horrible' as big victory. She tells The Hollywood Reporter "It's a big victory as far as mainstream Hollywood acknowledgement of web series as a legitimate format".

What's up with that interview? Every question seems to be asked twice.
I just found out that it's airing on KSTW channel 52 at 9PM (PST) on Vancouver Island. Perhaps more of Canada will be able to see it too?
Great editing - both Neil and Nathan apparently played Captain Hammer... something I was unaware of.
A lot of those questions, like "would you take it to TV as a weekly series" should have been asked of someone like Joss, who has creative control over the project. Also, it's especially ignorant considering what happened to her character. I mean, the crux of the entire series is Billy getting the courage to introduce himself to Penny. A prequel just wouldn't work, would it? Either the interviewer never watched Dr. Horrible prior to the interview or just has no clue what is going on.

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