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October 09 2012

Tonight on The CW - Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog! We're promised a slightly edited version airing tonight so tune to see what got cut and to enjoy the sensation of seeing a Joss Whedon production on prime-time US television. The official Dr. Horrible site will be running a live tv event - "The East Coast airing will be fan based hilarity. The West Coast airing may include special guests". And if you know nothing of the internet musical, here's some handy cheat sheets from TV Line and CNN.

If you don't know whether or not you get CW, check here.
I hope everyone has a fun time. It'll make a change not to have a two day gap between Acts.
I didn't realize until I saw that schedule just how few shows the CW actually airs.

I don't have cable so no longer get CW, but maybe I'll put the blu-ray on this evening to join the fun.
CW only airs five days of programming, and their primetime is only two hours each night.
CNN's article credits Nathan's appearance in Dr. Horrible with getting him the role in Castle. Is that how it really went down? For some reason I remember Castle being announced and the pilot being shot before Dr. Horrible was released. In any event, it seems that Nathan was working with ABC for a long time on different shows, so I'd be surprised if a little niche web project would be the thing that would convince ABC to headline him in his own primetime drama.
Not able to watch this live, but that's just because I'm having a friend over to watch How I Met Your Mother, which I started watching thanks to loving NPH on Dr. Horrible. And HIMYM got me to give BtVS a second try because I loved Alyson Hannigan's acting. Not to mention it has the actors who play Maria Hill and Wesley. So while I won't be watching a Whedon creation this evening, at least it's Joss-adjacent!
I mentioned this on the Felicia Day article, but here it is again: KSTW channel 52 at 9PM (PST) on Vancouver Island, BC. That's Shaw Cable.
Nathan signed on to do Castle in the spring of '08 many months before Dr. Horrible came out. CNN is not what they used to be. I found that out with an entire 5 minutes of googling.
FOX only (really) air six days of two-hours too. CW lineup isn't that small. They seem to have more dramas than like, anywhere.
FOX also has tons of Saturday and Sunday sports and Saturday late night but that is neither here nor there. Since CW has so very little unscripted they end up having as many (if not more)dramas as the bigger networks.
Assuming I get home in time, I'll livetweet a few things from the Whedonesque account during the East Coast airing. 4 years later and this is on tv, never would have predicted that.
Anyone else having flashbacks of those dramatic hours when Act 1 went up the stream, and the servers were overwhelmed by everyone wanting to experience it then.

Still remember when 1st trailer was posted and we were giddy with it.
*chuckles* All this talk about cutting it for broadcast, I expected the "penis" line to be cut, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that it's still there.
I didn't notice any parts missing. Just some slightly odd scene breaks for commercials. Anyone else notice what was cut?
That was wonderful! To see it on prime-time US television. Just wonderful!
Been awhile since I watched the
DVD so did not noice any thing missing.

Loved seeing it on live TV
Gonna wear my Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog shirt over the weekend. The one with Dr. Horrible with the freeze-ray and the moon in the background.
Loved it and my twelve year old laughed at the laughable bits. I'm a proud mama bear.
Is the Death Ray from Phase II?
You know, Tessaract based?
It glowed blue.
I really enjoyed seeing the closing "Grrrr, Arrgghhh" on TV again.
A gloved bird is not edited for Network TV? Or will this be corrected for the West Coast broadcast?
As far as I know nothing was edited by The CW. So Joss managed to get both mewling quim into a Disney movie and 'the hammer is my penis' into a CW show.

Nathan, Felicia, Zack, Mo and Jed provided Twitter commentary, and the screening trended on twitter which was nice. Thanks to all who showed up. You're the best. It was a blast (with adverts).
FWIW, if it just says "Trends", it's Tailored Trends based on who you follow, not geographical. It did trend legitimately in the U.S., but not to first.
So where did the ad breaks appear?
The most jarring ad break for me was between Everyone's A Hero and Slipping.
Uggh. I read that it wasn't in wide screen so the Bad Horse singers didn't get seen?
Yeah, that ad break after "Everyone's a Hero" was by far the roughest.

Despite its Whedontastic cast, I'm not really a fan of HIMYM. But it was nice that in the Washington DC market last night, Dr. Horrible was immediately followed by an episode of HIMYM with Amy Acker and Alexis Denisof guest appearances. I am guessing that they aired the episode out of syndication-sequence to accomplish that.

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We need more Joss on TV. I woke up with " a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do" in my head and I was happy.
Uggh. I read that it wasn't in wide screen so the Bad Horse singers didn't get seen?

And here I thought it was my local affiliate screwing things up. Yes, it was apparently broadcast 4:3 even in HD so a lot of the framing looked horrible. So half the singing cowboys were missing and you had to really look to spot SMG at the end. I'd hate to think this was people's first impressions of the show.

The ad breaks were placed well, save for after "Everyone's a Hero" which did seem a little abrupt. I noticed a few trims here and there probably just to cut down the running time a bit. Like the newscast in Act 3 lost a few seconds at the beginning.

My wife and I still enjoyed it. I just wish the broadcast quality was better.
I think it may have been certain affiliates broadcast in full screen.

By the way, my favourite tweets came from Zack for claiming he wrote every song and the VFX budget was $60m and Jed for making fun of the TV element of airing a web series.

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The Bad Horse singers were gone from our showing, too. It was bizarre. Could kinda see two half-people on the left side of the screen, and that was all.

I agree with the others that that one commercial break was the only really rough one. It was weird for me to see the pauses elsewhere, but only because I'm used to their absence :)
I think Dr. H is a bit like OMWF; it doesn't get old and there's always something new to notice with each viewing. And it's always fun to find out which song will get stuck in your head.

Do you guys remember the "controversies" throughout the original release? Is that SMG in the audience??? Is that a Firefly class ship hanging in Billy's lair? I forget if there were others...
The Bad Horse singers were present in my area.

The whole thing made me really happy. And I finally got my parents to watch Dr. Horrible. Win! Thank you, CW.
The preliminary ratings are in.

"Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog earned a 0.2. adults 18-49 rating."

0.57 Mio watched the airing.
Source: TVbytheNumbers

It doesn't matter in our case, but those are pretty bad numbers for theCW.
It's been a while since we've had a ratings thread so for the sake of old times, I've created a new front page entry for it.
It aired in widescreen for me, in HD. No problem seeing not!SMG...
I did see *most* of the Bad Horse Chorus on my TV. Part of the cowboy on the right was cutoff, but you could see that he was there. I didn't see SMG because she isn't in the show!! That rumour came up again last night and was denied again by Mo and Jed.
Doesn't Joss say in the (non-musical) commentary that it is Sarah?
He was being sarcastic. I recall Jed and Mo on the track immediately clarifying that it in fact was not SMG.
Speaking of mysterious characters, who is the person behind the mask in this pic of the ELE? The book lists them as [Identity Concealed].
Sarah Michelle Gellar?

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