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October 09 2012

Dark Horse promotes Scott Allie to Editor-in-Chief. Comic Book Resources talks to the newly minted E-i-C about his promotion and his career at Dark Horse.

Press release, with a quote from Joss.

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Awesome. Really.
Congratulations to Scott.
LoL, when I read the quote from Joss, I thought, "So did I , Joss. So did I."
Haha I agree with Joss. I thought that's what he was. Maybe he was just doing all of those jobs but didn't have the official title, until now.

I may not always agree with his opinions or particularly like his writing, but he is the main man right now managing the Buffyverse comics. Congrats.
Really cool. Love it when the good guys get ahead.
Congrats to Mr. Allie

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