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October 10 2012

Two "Buffy" alum in new film "Argo". In the fact-based film "Argo," opening Friday, Clea DuVall (Marcy the Invisible Girl) has a costarring role and Tom Lenk (Andrew) plays a reporter for Variety. "Planet of the Apes" fans should note that John Goodman costars as makeup artist John Chambers.

Oh wow, I didn't know Tom Lenk was going to be in Argo! Now I really need to go to see it (I'm actually not kidding at all)!
Don't forget Whedon used to write for 'Roseanne'. Goodman is a Whedon alum, too!
And Affleck himself was in the original Buffy movie!
Keith Szarabajka who played Holtz on ANGEL is also in the cast.
And depending on Joss' involvement with the Item 47 short from The Avengers DVD/BluRay, you also have Titus Welliver, who played one of the SHIELD agents going after Jesse Bradford and Lizzy Caplan.
I've been looking forward to this movie for months. Now that I know Tom is in it, I'm looking forward to it slightly more. Also, Keith Szarabajka? I didn't know he was in it either. I feel like such a bad fan for not having payed attention to these things. I hope they both have more than just a couple lines.
I saw the film the other night, and I didn't recognize Szarabajka or Clea DuVall. She, especially, looks really different than she did even a couple years ago. However, fans of Tom Lenk should enjoy his little 30 second scene (which he shares with Affleck!)
Ben Affleck and Tom Lenk in a scene together?

I need to see this, NOW
It's a terrific movie. I actually don't think Clea DuVall looks very different - obviously, she looks fully adult now, but I recognized her right away. I now feel like a dunce for *not* recognizing Keith Szarabajka. And I yelped when I saw Tom Lenk (and that is a very funny scene).

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