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February 18 2004

New post category: X-men. To facilitate future discussion of Joss's comic book adventure, we've created an X-men category. You'll find it in the category dropdown when you make a post.

I don't suppose anyone knows the exact release date for this? I know it says may, but in comic world that usually means mid april.
I haven't bought monthly comics (Still read graphic novels) in years, but this may be a good place to start up again.
since when does may mid april? considering the solicit and whedons track recored id lean more toward mid-june.
For the comicbook and magazine market in the U.S., it's standard to have release dates that are usually during the month prior. So, by mid-Feb, most newstands or comicbook sellers will have the March issues of monthlies, etc.

Also, with comicbooks, Whedon has to supply the art crew (penciller, inker, lettering artists) with the final draft quite far in advance. Comicbooks take longer than tv shows to produce! If they're announcing it now, I imagine that Whedon has already finished writing the first few issues.
Wouldn't X-Men fall under the "printed matter" category? And if there's an X-Men category, why isn't there a "Fray" category, or one for every screenplay Joss has worked on? Just curious. :)

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