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October 10 2012

Joss Whedon gets voted one of the top 49 men of 2012. He came in at no.18 in AskMen's poll of the most infuential men in 2012. Neil Patrick Harris was 38th.

I kinda wish there was mention of the fact that between principal photography and post-production he pulled together a film version of Much Ado at his house. Kind of insanely awesome to go from one thing to the other that quickly. But it's understandable that The Avengers will be the example that's always used to justify him in the public eye.
Wow! Way to go Joss! And they put him just ahead of Peter Higgs. Puny god particle.
Why top 49? Whoever would have made 50th must be bummed.
Love to see him recognized, of course -- but I don't think a list of the top men of 2012 is what the world needs. Why do we need to give a special list to the accomplishments of men when they are already disproportionately recognized in lists that include women as well?
Drake? Psy? Clinton? Baldwin? The freakin referees of some stupid game? Is this a joke? This list is horrible and all over the place.
Heh, I was considering posting something along those lines, betweentheblinks, albeit less tactfully. Very pleased for Joss, but we are not lacking for recognition of men's talents.
Personally, I'm happy to see Joss get recognized on any list- as long as it's a positive reference. I think if it had been a list of the top 49 women of 2012, they might not have included him.
I know he just influenced me to add a few more horror movies to my Q.
A truly ridiculous list - #1 is James Bond. Totally incoherent with any meaning of 'influential'.

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